Friday, April 13, 2007

"World`s Largest Advertising RC Airship" (60ft/18m) now for Sale or Hire

Yes you read right, I don't know if it is actually the largest RC Advertising Blimp in the World but it is now for sale. Why ? Well, read on about who Skywork Media is and why exactly they are selling their airship.
We like to shortly introduce our company. Skywork Media was founded in May of 2006. We are offering alternative Advertising Mediums & Services such as RC Blimps/Airships, corporate branded hot air balloons and special shapes here in Istanbul, Turkey.

As of October 2006, we own & operate the "Worlds Largest Advertising RC Blimp" (not military) in its class. It is 60ft/18m long, has a volume of 7.451ft3/211m3 and a net Advertising area of 861ft2/80m2 (net banner are), which is larger than a small studio apartment.

We are currently selling this Airship. It is in good and only has 2 hours flight time on it. Local civil aviation changed their regulations about rc airships and now we are not allowed to fly it here.

For more technical information, please contact us at:

More pictures can be found here:

So that's the story the law doesn't allow them to fly their airship anymore. Do you know of other RC Blimp of a comparable size? Where else is it legal or illegal to fly those, what are the actual regulations in your country. We like to know more about this subject, please let us know what you think via a comment or an email to airshipworld at This is a issue as far as I know also in the US but I can not confirm this. Should it be allowed what can be done to change those laws ? It's an interesting topic and we will look further in to this in future posts.

[Update] The company introduction has been modified on the request of Skywork Media.


John Whyte said...

We fly a 54ft with a licence

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Thanks for the great article! There is hope for us bloggers out there! All the best!

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Cialis said...

wow indeed the largest advertice ship in the history of human kind!