Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Zeppelin NT with Artwork spotted via Webcam

A sunny day in Germany today and the Zeppelin-NT Webcam captured a nice shot of the Zeppelin-NT with it's new paint job that we have reported on before. The webcam image was posted to the airship-list by Glenn Adams.
In reply to that Christian Michel pointed out that one
You might see more aircraft crossing in front of the Zeppelin Hangar. Next weekend (19th to 22nd) will be the AERO fair on the fairgrounds just left of the visible area of the webcam, so aircrafts that are on display in the exhibition will have to cross just in front of the hangar (and they have to cross the public road, always funny, when you have to wait for aircraft crossing the road).
So yes the Aero is this weekend in Friedrichshafen Germany, it's gonna be the largest one in the history of the exposition. Check out the Aero Website and if you happen to go there, take some pcitures of the Zeppelin, and send them to us or upload them to Flickr and tell us where we can find them.
If you want to see yourself what is going on in Friedrichshafen Germany and want to see the Zeppelin NT, you should either come to Lake Constance or take a look at the Zeppelin-NT Webcam, actually as I am writing this post, it's currently dark in Germany the Zeppelin is there. Don't believe me ? Well, look for yourself :-)


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