Monday, April 2, 2007

Zeppelin Art [via Airshipinitiatives]

John Christopher who I just mentioned yesterday has posted an announcement into the Colorado Airshiplist, since it doesn't hve an archive or at least I don'T know of any archive here is the full text. We hope to reach a broader Audience by posting it here too. So John Christoper writes:
It's great to see the Zeppelin NT out and about again.

This artwork on the Zepp is in fact a special project by the artist Stefan Szczesny. The following paragraph comes from his website where you will also see an impression of the finished design - which incidentally is a reclining woman. See

Szczesny designs zeppelin

From April through mid-May 2007, the zeppelin NT will be part of a major event in which artist Stefan Szczesny will transform Mainau Island into a total artwork. The motto for this grand project is: 'A dream of an earthly paradise'. During this period, the zeppelin will also display a design by Stefan Szcezsny, making it part of this marvellous artwork, rounding off the project from up in the air. On trips over Mainau Island during this period, passengers aboard the zeppelin can marvel from on high at the 'earthly dream' - the zeppelin trip will make them one with this wonderful event.

And if you want to come and fly in this Zeppelin and see the island for yourself then why not join one of our Zeppelin Tours to Friedrichshafen - see our website and click on Zeppelin Flights + Tours.

John Christopher

Airship Initiatives - putting airships to work

So check out the page of Stefan Szczesny and if you are interested contact John Christopher and book your flight.

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