Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One month of Airshipworld blogging

It's been exactly 1 month since our first post and today I would like to thank all the readers of the blog and all those people who helped me in finding good content to put on the blog. Seeing that there are actually some people who actually read this blog and check it out on a daily basis.
In this second month we will of course continue to provide you with informations and news from the industry. But we would also like to broaden our reach. So we would like to ask everyone to help spread the word about the blog. Link to the blog (our address is from your website, tell your friends, make it your homepage, talk about it, in newsgroups, mailing-lists, investors meetings just about anywhere, where you could think about dropping our name. We ask this not so that we get more money from the blog, cause we don't get anything really. No, we ask you to spread the word so that we as a community have a platform that is independent from single companies, associations or groups. Here at Airshipworld, the world wide airship and LTA industry should come together, exchange thoughts, present new products and create a constant visible presence on the web, updated often and always current. So help strengthen the industry by promoting the blog. Please if you are skeptical tell us your concerns, if you don't want to promote us, then don't but if you could it would be greatly appreciated.
So I would like to present some facts and statistics from the last month, that might be of interest. There where 38 posts, which were read by more than 550 visitors on the site, resulting in more than 1100 pageviews from all over the world. The biggest part here where the United States with 51% of all visits, followed by Germany with 18%, the UK with 12,5%, other countries within the TOP10 have all contributed less then 5% of the hits, listed in descending order from most to least hits: Japan, France, Turkey, China, Canada, South Africa, Russian Federation. All together there where visitors from 27 Countries worldwide.
That should be enough for the statistics, our goal for the next month is going to be better then last month. How much better? Well, we will see. So tell us how you liked the first month of airship world, if you can not remember go back into the archive and check the posts again. We are really looking forward to your replies, opinions and maybe even criticism. If there is something that we can make better we will do everything we can to actually make it better. Thanks for your support and loyal readership.

Your resident blogger,

Andreas G.

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