Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Lenticular Airship from France

Today we would like to point you to a new airship Company and design. The project is presumably called opération Alizé the project Website is located at http://www.operation-lta.com/ it's half English half French the sites are not translated word for word, so I assume the French is the more current half of the site.
So as stated in the title the airship is going to be lenticular, you can check out pictures on the Website that give you an impression, there is also a video available to watch, it shows the first prototype of the airship doing a test flight. As to specifications the website mentions the following for the final aircraft:
Diameter100 m
Height35 m
Flight altitude500 m aboved ground
Maximum altitude2 000 m above s.l.
Cruising speed110 km/h
Max. speed130 km/h
Range4 000 km
Available volume2 000 to 5 000 m

It's a very interesting concept and we are looking forward to hear more from this project in the future, we sure will be following the development of this project.
Thanks to Charles Luffman for pointing that out.


Health Nwes said...

Thank you for introducing me the wonderful information.And .....Totally boring.!

xlpharmacy said...

A new airship project? I'm a quite confuse, what happened with Zeppelin airship? the project was cancelled or what?