Monday, April 9, 2007

Airship, Blimp and LTA Organisations

Tonight we would like to present a small link list of Airship, Blimp, Ballooning and Lighter-Than-Air organisations. Thi sis by no means a complete list, but we like to start this list today and regularly update it. We are also interested which of those Organisations you might belong to, which you consider important, on which we should report or which of them seem more or less irrelevant. So here is tonights list:
This is our first try of creating a list of airship organisations, but I am sure we forgot quite a few, especially international ones, germany, france? It would be great to get some input or comments about the listed organisations and the ones we haven't mentioned yet.
Another little side note, you might have noticed a slight change in the colors on the website and a new Airshipworld Logo, it's a first try and we are looking forward to your comments, and opinons. Over the next couple of weeks we will completely redesign the layout, since we started out with a basic Blogger template and now are on the way to our very own design. So please leave your comments in the comments section of this post or send us an email, feedback and criticism is really welcome.

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