Wednesday, April 25, 2007

LA County Sheriffs to levy and seize Globetel's Stratellite Airship

This Pressrelease reached us just today via Arnold Nayler from the Colorado airship-list
Press release from: SANDS DIGITAL MEDIA, INC.
Published date: 04-24-2007 06:35 PM - CET - IT, New Media & Software PR agency: SANDS DIGITAL MEDIA, INC.

(openPR) - Los Angeles, Ca. - Sands Digital Media, Inc., a well respected Los Angeles Public Relations firm won a civil lawsuit on, March 21, 2007, against Globetel Communications Corporation (OTC: GTEM) and Sanswire Networks, LLC., a subsidiary of Globetel for non payment of a PR retainer fee and fraud.

The LASC case number is: 07-S00278 and was heard by Judge Norman Tarle, who awarded the $5,050.00 TO Sands Digital Media, Inc.

The "Los Angeles County Sheriffs" - will levy on behalf of Sands Digital Media on the assets of Globetel Communications and Sanswire Networks "Stratellite 2A" and other equipment to satisfy the $5,050.00 judgment immediately.

Michael Sands says, "The Los Angeles County Sheriffs will now seize any assets of Globetel Communications and Sanswire Networks anywhere in the State of California."

According to Sands, "I would watch out for Globetel's COB Przemyslaw L. Kostro of
Poland, Aussie CEO Peter Khoury who resides in London and Jonathan Leinwand,Corporate Counsel, who resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida."

Of note: Oddly enough, the registered agent for INV is GlobeTel's director and corporate counsel, Jonathan D. Leinwand. They appear to be tangled up in at least one other. In August, 1997, Midland, one of the companies former Globetel President Steven King was pumping -- according to that SEC complaint -- announced an acquisition of once-billboarded Jet View Holdings. Jet View was used to be King's company, according to filings as well as this PR. By 2004, it had a different officer/director, but the registered agent was Leinwand. Leinwand was one of two directors and officers listed for, Gemini Integrated Financial Services, which appears as the source of IR for a few companies, including Value Holdings -- now trading for $0.0005 per share. What's not clear from those press releases is that Leinwand's Gemini was actually holding stock in some of these companies, such as Value holdings, as well as handling the public relations. In fact, it was, for a time, the majority shareholder (As of ITAC's last 10K on 3/15/2002, Gemini still held 32% of the company, and there's no specific information thereafter)in a company called Innovative Technology Acquisition Corporation, which flopped badly in its plan to sell libido enhancement supplements among other products. Its last quarterly filing with the SEC admits that it had produced "no revenues," which didn't stop the company from making some hefty promises even into 2003. To make things even more interesting, ITAC bought its LIBIDO stuff from Value Holdings, and Leinwand's Gemini co-officer -- until November, 2001 -- was ITAC's president.

Perhaps the most curious company connected to the Jonathan D. Leinwand name is PGS Pharmaceuticals Group, which lists him as the only officer/director. This (apparently) one-time billboard stock, actually appears as an cautionary example in an Australian government pamphlet called "The Little Black Book of Scams." Articles in the Australian business press describe PGS as having its shares sold via an Amsterdam front. A 1998 article in the Financial Times said, of PGS 'David Crate, the Amsterdam office administrator, said: "PGS is selling its own shares.' But [PGS President Arnold] Prashker said PGS had hired an independent marketing company, PGS Group, to sell its shares. The contract note faxed, and later sent by courier, to the UK man has both companies' names in its letterhead."

Mr. Robert Bleckman, the Director of Investor relations was involved in the GenesisIntermedia SEC and FBI case which was another company in trouble with the law. Mr. Bleckman has a track record.

"Globetel Communications received $750,000. this past week but did not satisfy the court awarded judgment to Sands Digital Media, Inc. They promise you the world with their "Pie in the Sky" press releases.

"This is a buyer beware for the public and shareholders as this company refuses to honor a court judgment, in light of a criminal SEC and an FBI investigation along with a Class Action lawsuit," says Michael Sands.

I call on all former employees, contractors, vendors, landlord and creditors to take the appropriate legal action like Sands Digital Media, Inc., has taken thus far.
Sands Digital Media, Inc., believes that foreign citizens who are corporate executives should not be allowed to do business in America unless they satisfy their debts.

Sands Digital Media, Inc. will be notifying all appropriate governmental agencies about this matter.

Michael Sands is available for all financial media and mainstream media to comment on the inner workings of Globetel Communication and Sanswire Networks. Michael Sands will blow the lid off of this corporation and paint you a picture in real time and capture for your viewers the real essence of Globetel.

Please email: for a copy of the judgment and Writ of Execution.

Visit the Website:

For more information: Michael Sands

An Approved Department of Defense Contractor

"Combining industry savvy and a "Midas Touch",Michael Sands has transformed public relations of the 80's into MEDIA CONSULTING for the 21st Century.

Today, he not only negotiates media appearances for his clients, but also profitable business deals, distinguishing himself among the best of a new breed of Hollywood starmakers.

Sands' boutique of satisfied clients reads like a Who's-Who of modern-day overachievers from the vast worlds of entertainment, law, literature, medicine, politics, national and international corporations."

- PEOPLE Magazine

After much success as an actor, model, and entrepreneur, (C'est Cheesecake TM ) Michael Sands now lives and works in Beverly Hills, California, and shares the benefits of his experience and insight with a very select clientèle.
And with the emergence of SANDS DIGITAL MEDIA, Mr. Sands is taking his clients one giant step further by creating a "WEB PRESENCE" for every given client's special set of circumstances.
His knowledge of the industry and his very unique means for exposing a client's website address sets the stage for the most sought after sites on the Internet today. His ability to provide Multimedia Presentations for special events, or to be taken out on a laptop computer, are unsurpassed. His design staff uses only the most sophisticated, cutting edge software programs.( more of those"same old boring PowerPoint sideshow presentations" here!!)
Various clients of Michael Sands have been seen on: Good Morning America, The Today Show, World News Tonight, CNN, and in Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, People en Espagnol, Marie Claire, Self, Harper's Bazaar, Mademoiselle, Elle, Glamour, Parade, and Amica.

Sands Digital Media, Inc.
264 So. La Cienega Blvd. Ste. 922
Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211

Well I guess guys everybody better pay their bills, it's sad to see an airship project go away. But better the bad guys go down, then being around to take away the investors money from real Airship projects.

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