Friday, April 6, 2007

Zeppelin over London in 2008

John Christopher of Airshipinitiatives just released the following news that I would also like to republish:
We can confirm that plans for a Zeppelin NT to operate over London during 2008 are being finalised.

At present the 3-4 week stay for the Zeppelin (probably 003 if 004 is not ready in time) is still under negotiation and remains subject to permissions being granted by the various authorities. This includes Health and Safety who are expected to reach a decision next week on the airship operating from the open ground at Blackheath (incidentally a former airfield).

A final go-ahead for the 2008 visit is expected by the Autumn.
This is great news for Airship fans in the UK, I personally look forward to some great pictures of the Zeppelin and the Big Ben, and other sights in London. Signup Forms will be avaialable shortly at Airshipinitiatives as soon as we have more information about that we will report it.

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Anonymous said...

Still no news on the website about the project yet though. The news, and full details, where being withheld until the sponsor had been confirmed.

Rory Laing, the man behind the project, hasn't posted such details yet so we'll have to wait and see what the route, sponsor, prices etc. will be.