Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Airship and Dirigibles history pages - Part 1

Today we take a look at a russian Website, since my Russian skills are not existant since I have never learnt that language I can only say, nice pictures of historc Airships in the early 1900s the first Page is in english but there are about 19 Pages of pictures none of them are in english. Whoever speaks russian and would be so nice, should get us those texts under the pictures translated. And while we are at it, and already pointed to some russian website, let's bring in the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society which also has some nice picture of the historic navy airships. Continuing our travels in the US there is also another Site dedicated to Historic Aiships and that is The Naval Air Station Tillamook Website, also containing many images and stories about Airhsips of the US Military.

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