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=FUTURE>FLIGHT - an airship story - Part 1

Paul Boldt has been writing a what he calls FurtureFi Story and he thought why not share it with the community. He sent me the first page, and I decided to publish it, please read it and leave your comments, do you want more or would you prefere not? Do you want to leave feedback for paul, please send us an Email.
Please be aware that any views expressed in the story are the views and opinions of the author, and we just publish it as an independent source. So here is the first teaser page of his story, enjoy:


A FutureFi story by: Paul Boldt

From Air to Airternity

Any references to persons living and or fictional is solely from the mind of Minolta and all identities herein may or may not reflect certain aspects of those living so take that as you will and any and all sarcasm and wit to be displayed only to those who can handle criticism constructively, and certain instances of writings on the
airship list will be copied and pasted as deemed desirable, so if you don't want it quoted don't write it in the first place! Plus any below average marks given for my poor English prose can be directly directed at my early childhood negligence and disinterest at studying the aforementioned subject.

Chapter One: An Early bird wouldn't swirm.

Monday, I was late for work, which was usual after a hard long weekend of clubbing it all around Manhattan. Usually it would have been down to Atlantic City to shoot the dice, bang!, batoboom batabing, but I had just found a new woman who was directing my direction in her direction, if you directly know what I mean. I had actually wanted to get in early to get a jump on the day, as it was to be an interesting next few days, which the interesting part was to start at 3PM, with the lift off of the company charted Airship. (Oh, by the way, the aforementioned newfound interests name is Ceya).

The boys in the top floor at the place I work like to show the world that they are pulling in the money correctly, their global investments and partnerships reaches into the billions, so what's eight and a half million dollars to charter a blimp bag for a week? Entertain cliental, give the office a few days rest, while keeping them working with the full internet connectivity aboard the ship.

The buzz around the office was one of the top managers was afraid to fly cause he didn't want to go down in flames like the Hindenburg, but the bean crunchers in accounting worked with legal and gave the green thumbs up, they even had to give top management a fifteen minute presentation (that took 3 weeks to research and write for another $300,000!! they got some of the information and misinformation on some
obscure internet airship list).

Mid morning was swamped; lunch was a V8, as I was planning to have my meal on board, which was heard to be as good as the New Astoria Megahotel. My head was buried inside my computer screen with two phones one on each ear, one to some coke infused night owls in Shanghai, and the other to my shift change associate in Guam, who was just telling me how jealous she was that I was going to be flying….

I first looked at the clocks on the wall, located the one for NY, holy shitake mushroom batman it was 3:17pm, I looked out the window overlooking the river, and in the background I see the Statue of Liberty, and in the foreground I see the mammoth ship already lifting off! No wonder I could finally get some work done the whole place was empty around me. I vaguely remembered an email note, that said if you were tied up with important client meeting or just had to delay, you could pay an extra $1000 and catch a helicopter ride on the top of the airship within 2 hours of take off, as the ship would still be buzzing around Manhattan, displaying full fuselage advertising for the company (additional money on top of the charter fee).

I typed on my credit account info and billed for the heli-ride, downloaded the ticket info to my watch, and bee lined it (whatever that means) to the roof. Probably lucky that I missed the actual take off as none other than Wiley E. Bill himself was stepping on the elevator 4 floors above where I got on. Rumor was he had figures upon figures down to the toenail on just about everything that could make the firm reach it's trillion dollar goal, proven by the facts; a) he knew my name, as his secretary had just told him, via his download feed, who had just purchased late tickets, and who would be riding on the elevator, the download giving him vast amounts of data to dissect, b) he rattled off on my account I was to be closing on board the airship with the Czech contacts, c) he quoted the friggen dimensions and stats of the whale we'd be landing on in 27 minutes time which are as follows:......


Now what? You might ask, well I guess you will have to wait, for the next installment. So my question to all who read the whole piece: Do you want more? Or would you rather have less fiction and more facts on the Blog? Leave a comment or send an Email to We really need your opinions. If you also happen have something like that and would like it published here, please go ahead and send it to us.

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