Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Airship Stuff on Ebay [Updated]

Today I would like to point anyone interested into airship, and LTA collectibles to look into some items for sale on eBay. The Seller, Ford U. Ross is a retired Navy Chief; ATC/AC USN, he spent his first 10 years flying in and maintaining Navy Blimps. He spent 7 years at NAS Lakehurst and 3 years in ZP-4 at NAF Weeksville. This is how he got interested in collecting Lighter-than-Air ephemera, primarily a few artifacts, books, photographs and flown Airship Covers, to include Navy Blimp covers.
He is a member of the Naval Airship Association; the LTA Soc; NLHS; MFHS(Life Member); ABAC plus the Zeppelin Collectors Club and the American Air Mail Society. Also active with the Military Museum and Memorial at NAS Richmond, FL.
And now he is in the process of liquidating his collections. There is a lot of really interesting stuff, in his eBay auctions and definitely worth a look. Also have a look at Ford's personal homepage, which has a collection of really nice classic blimp photos. Please look at his auctions and buy some stuff that interests you, we don't get anything from what he earns, we just like to support him, since those valuable artifacts should not be lost.
[Update] So just so you can find the eBay Items better, check out http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZzccaams

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