Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Airship and Dirigibles history pages - Part 2

We are continuing our roundup for airship, blimp and dirigible history websites with pictures and historical informations from the great ages of the airships. The first Website I would like to Point out is Æ Aeragon Website, the website is dedicated to military technology transfer, and has different section one of them is Air Transportation, in there you will find a special section about airships how their development went from military to public commercial use. It's a great and insightfull read.
The next Site is the Airship Heritage Trust an active site with lot's of pictures, videos and information about airships. It's a great resource and the Website is actively promoting Airships and the fascination surrounding them.
The last historical Site is The Zeppelin Library Archive a resource listing the history and specs of the great Zeppelins also mentioning the new Zeppelin NT, which was really brand new the lst time the Website was updated. It seems pretty dead, but history doesn't go away and in this way it's a great resource.

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