Sunday, April 29, 2007

Poll results from Airshiplist

There was a poll on the yahoo airshiplist group which just closed and I would like to present the results here. The question was:
Should the airship internet groups be united into one group or not? Is unity strength.
Here follow the choices and results:

- yes, 11 votes, 50.00%
- i dont know, 2 votes, 9.09%
- maybe , 2 votes, 9.09%
- no, 3 votes, 13.64%
- lets start a completely new list, 1 votes, 4.55%
- lets join forces with an existing airshipgroup, 3 votes, 13.64%

So there was a total of 22 Votes and it turned out 50% want the groups to become one. What do you think, please post your opinions in the comments or email us. How can the Airship community get stronger and act with more unity?
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