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Just taking a break, we will be back don't worry

First things first, thanks for still being subscribed, I know we have been very slow on updates these last two months and you might be wondering why. Well the Blog isn't dead, it might have gotten a bit dusty with a few spiderwebs here and there but there aren't any tumble weeds blowing through the hallways just yet. We are alive and kicking and are working hard behind the scenes. We have a lot of Content we haven't covered, like the Airship Ventures Zeppelin making headlines everywhere and the International Airship Convention and the annual Airship Association Symposium also not covered. So the question is what's going on why have we been so quiet. Well I can't say much just yet, but it's something Associated with Airships, so much being said. We will talk about it as soon as we have made enough progress, it will be something that the whole community will enjoy. As to our future, I really have to get back into the rhythm of posting regularly hope to be back on track over the X-Mas holidays and keep the throughput up in the new year. So stay tuned, watch this space, stay subscribed and have a great holiday season.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Airship Videos

Today I want to show you two Airship Videos that you might not have seen. The first one is from Aero Comercial LTDA ( they are a Brazilian company who are working with remote controlled advertising blimps. Check out more videos in their YouTube Channel and also a lot more info on their Website which is in Portuguese, but we have the auto translated version here for you. And now enjoy the videos

The second Video that I wanted to show you comes from Italy showing a hotair airship. Does anyone know more about this airship ? Have a look at the YoutTube Channel of dirigibile94 and enjoy the video here.

Do you know of any great videos that we should feature on the Blog or do you upload videos to YouTube or anywhere else on the web and would like us to feature them in this very same spot? Then send us an email or leave a comment. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and become friends with us there.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Press release issued by ZLT on the arrival of the Zeppelin #4 in San Francisco

Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik has issued a press release about the Zeppelin NT #4 arriving in San Francisco. As aslways you get the English auto translation of the German press release and below the original German version.
Zeppelin NT over the Golden Gate Bridge

Friedrichshafen / San Francisco, 29 October 2008 - The Airship Ventures to Zeppelin NT has been sold on Saturday, 25 October 2008, his home base Moffet Field after a total of four weeks traveling safely reached. This allows the passenger service on the Californian metropolis begin.

When bright blue sky overflew the Zeppelin NT from Lake to welcome the new home the Golden Gate Bridge, before he died on Saturday at fourteen clock time in Moffett Field / NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View landed. Thus ended the airship under forfeiture of his four-week schedule transforming journey from Germany to California.

"We are very pleased with the safe arrival of our airship in the U.S.," said Thomas Brandt, director of ZLT, "Well, we wish Airship Ventures a good start and" many Happy Landings. " We support wherever we can. "Part of the Zeppelin from Friedrichshafen teams for several months operation in the San Francisco post. On next Friday, Airship Ventures is the passenger service on California record.

In Friedrichshafen, the Zeppelin NT yet to 8 November at the request of the climate on the road. FZJ investigated with the help of Topplattform on the airship the processes of self-air. From 10 November starts then the regular passenger service from Friedrichshafen.

ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co. KG

ZLT Zeppelin airship GmbH & Co KG, has its headquarters in Friedrichshafen, develops, manufactures and markets the Zeppelin NT, a modern airships for a variety of uses. Zeppelin NT airships are meanwhile in Germany and Japan operated.
Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei, a 100% subsidiary of ZLT, the Zeppelin NT operating since 2001 for commercial sightseeing flights, advertising and scientific and industrial operations in Europe.

For Immediate Release released.

Press contact:
Kathrin Runge
+49 7541 5900 547

PRESSEINFORMATION Zeppelin NT überfliegt Golden Gate Bridge Friedrichshafen/ San Francisco, 29. Oktober 2008 – Der an Airship Ventures verkaufte Zeppelin NT hat am Samstag, den 25. Oktober 2008, seinen Heimatstandort Moffet Field nach insgesamt vier Wochen Reise sicher erreicht. Damit kann der Passagierbetrieb über der kalifornischen Metropole beginnen. Bei strahlend blauem Himmel überflog der Zeppelin NT vom Bodensee zur Begrüßung der neuen Heimat die Golden Gate Bridge, bevor er am Samstag um vierzehn Uhr Ortszeit in Moffett Field/ NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View landete. Damit beendete das Luftschiff unter Einbehaltung des Zeitplanes seine vierwöchige Überführungsreise von Deutschland nach Kalifornien. „Wir freuen uns sehr über die sichere Ankunft unseres Luftschiffs in den USA“, so Thomas Brandt, Geschäftsführer der ZLT, „Nun wünschen wir Airship Ventures einen guten Start und „many happy Landings“. Wir unterstützen wo wir können.“ Ein Teil des Zeppelin Teams aus Friedrichshafen wird für mehrere Monate den Betrieb in den San Fransisco begleiten. Am kommenden Freitag wird Airship Ventures den Passagierbetrieb über Kalifornien aufnehmen. In Friedrichshafen ist der Zeppelin NT noch bis zum 8. November im Auftrag der Klimaforschung unterwegs. Das Forschungszentrum Jülich untersucht mit Hilfe der Topplattform auf dem Luftschiff die Prozesse der Selbstreinigung der Luft. Ab dem 10. November beginnt dann wieder der reguläre Passagierbetrieb ab Friedrichhafen. ZLT ZEPPELIN LUFTSCHIFFTECHNIK GMBH & CO KG ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co KG, hat ihren Sitz in Friedrichshafen, entwickelt, baut und vermarktet den Zeppelin NT, ein modernes Luftschiff für eine Vielzahl von Einsatzmöglichkeiten. Zeppelin NT Luftschiffe werden derweil in Deutschland und Japan betrieben. Die Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei, eine 100% Tochtergesellschaft der ZLT, betreibt den Zeppelin NT seit 2001 für kommerzielle Rundflüge, Werbung sowie wissenschaftliche und industrielle Einsätze in Europa. Zur sofortigen Veröffentlichung freigegeben. Pressekontakt: Kathrin Runge +49 7541 5900 547

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Airship Ventures Promovideo on Youtube

Just found this promotion video featuring the Airship Ventures Zeppelin on YouTube. Enjoy!

[Update 081112] Unfortunately the video has been removed from YouTube, if you happen to know another source let me know and I will put it back up, until then sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Airship on sale !

Ron K miller posted this in our forum I just wanted to bring it to the front page to bring it to eveyones attention:
Greetings fellow airship enthusiasts. I have a 1987 Thunder & Colt AS-56 Pressurized Thermal Airship for sale in pristine condition for $55,000. G-BNKF (British Registration) It has 44 hours total time - and that is not a misprint! It has been stored in Tucson, which is of course a dry, desert climate. Standard Airworthiness Certificate. Pilot only. Training is included in Tucson this winter, however I will only train the person that is purchasing. This ship would make a great entry level platform for anyone wanting to learn to fly an airship, or can be used for commercial advertising. Please send me an E-mail at RonKMiller (AT) if you are interested and we can discuss details off line.
You can check out the post in the Forum by following this link. Contact him if you are interested and let me know how the story continues. If you want some more information about the Airship have a look at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) entry for the registration G-BNKF

Lot's of Zeppelin NT Pictures

Telstar Logistics has a very nice article about the new Zeppelin in the US, read it here, they write about the history, the technology and their experience on board the airship. Check out the article called Flight Report: Aloft in a Zeppelin Airship. They also have a very nice large gallery (91) of pictures on flick. Here is the link to the Slideshow.
I also found a new Pool on flickr featuring a few more Zeppelin Pictures. It's the "Modern Zeppelin" Pool, check it out on Flickr

Airshipventures Buzzing all over the Web

Well it doesn't happen every day that a Zeppelin arrives in the US and of course all the Media went crazy about this great new Zeppelin NT which has graced European and japanese skies for quite a while now.
Here are just some of the reports from today also some video from Cnet. But of course don't forget the 3 Sites by Airship Ventures:
All three pages are loaded with content to discover.


Do you know of any good articles videos or blogposts about Airship Ventures, add them in the comments of this Blogpost.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Airship Convention Roundup in the works and status update

Just a quick update for all who are waiting on updates on the International Airship Convention and the Airship Ventures Zeppelin (which has arrived at Moffet Field. Flights in San Francisco will come soon).
The Convention Round Up will take me some time. I will try to get some posts out this week. There is much more than just blog posts in the works, all requiring a lot of time. And since I'm doing this currently alone in my spare time it take a lot longer than I would want. So this is my call out to all you dear readers, if you are wondering how you can help Airshipworld to grow, here are two options.
  1. Contribute by becoming part of the team write articles or pre filter one of my numerous sources, if you think you have a skill to contribute please let me know. I could also need some help with Drupal, Wordpress and Ruby on Rails development, so if you would like to do something in that direction let me know
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If you have any other ideas thoughts or even whishes let me know, the content here is for you, the reader, so it should be exactly what you want and if we miss something tell us, so that we don't miss it again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pressrelease by ZLT about the Zeppelin arriving in the US

Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik just issued a press release about the Zeppelin arriving in the US. Currently only in German but the trusted Google Translate Service will make it possible for everyone speaking English to at least get the gist of it. Also there was a very nice high resolution picture of the NT attached to the release that I am happy to share. Just click on the Image for a larger resolution version. Below the auto translated Text of the press release and after that the original German press release.
Zeppelin NT arrives in U.S.

Friedrichshafen / Beaumont, Texas, 14 October 2008 - The United States sold in the Zeppelin NT is after his Atlantic crossing from Hamburg in Beaumont, Texas arrived. The world's biggest airship was on a 162 meter long Dockschiff, the MV "Combi Dock I" in his new home shipped.

After its 15day voyage one of the world's three Zeppelin NT has arrived in the U.S. In the port of Beaumont was the blimp already discharged. After assembly and flight testing of the Zeppelin NT will be his new home, the historic Moffett Field in Mountain View, California fly. There are three of the twelve existing airship hangar.

During his trip, the Zeppelin NT Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to fly over before he reached California and the Rocky Mountains on the Banning Pass crosses. Shortly before his goal, the Zeppelin NT on the coast of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge to fly.

Toward the end of this month is the new owner Airship ventures with Zeppelin sightseeing flights out of Moffett Field start. There are passenger flights to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, the Sonoma / Napa wine region and the coast of Monterey / Big Sur offered. Also, the airship with various technological and scientific specialty operations planned.

More information about the Zeppelin NT in the U.S. or the possibilities of a flight booking please or call 001 650-969-8100.

PRESSEINFORMATION Zeppelin NT in USA eingetroffen Friedrichshafen/ Beaumont, Texas, 14. Oktober 2008 – Der in die USA verkaufte Zeppelin NT ist nach seiner Atlantiküberquerung von Hamburg aus in Beaumont, Texas eingetroffen. Das weltweit größte Luftschiff wurde auf einem 162 Meter langem Dockschiff, die MV „Combi Dock I“ in seine neue Heimat verschifft. Nach 15tägiger Seereise ist einer von weltweit drei Zeppelin NT in den USA angekommen. Im Hafen von Beaumont wurde das Luftschiff bereits entladen. Nach Montage und Flugtest wird der Zeppelin NT zu seinem neuen Heimatstandort, dem historischen Moffett Field in Mountain View, Kalifornien fliegen. Dort befinden sich drei von insgesamt zwölf noch bestehenden Luftschiffhangars. Bei seiner Reise wird der Zeppelin NT Texas, New Mexiko und Arizona überfliegen bevor er Kalifornien erreicht und die Rocky Mountains am Banning Pass kreuzt. Kurz vor seinem Ziel wird der Zeppelin NT über der Küste von San Francisco und der Golden Gate Bridge fliegen. Gegen Ende diesen Monats wird der neue Besitzer Airship Ventures mit den Zeppelin Rundflüge von Moffett Field aus starten. Es werden Passagierflüge über San Francisco, Silicon Valley, der Sonoma/Napa Weinregion und der Küste von Monterey/Big Sur angeboten. Auch sind mit dem Luftschiff verschiedene technologische und wissenschaftliche Spezialeinsätze geplant. Mehr Informationen zum Zeppelin NT in den USA oder den Möglichkeiten einer Flugbuchung erhalten Sie unter oder telefonisch unter 001 650-969-8100. ZLT ZEPPELIN LUFTSCHIFFTECHNIK GMBH & CO KG ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co KG, hat ihren Sitz in Friedrichshafen, entwickelt, baut und vermarktet den Zeppelin NT, ein modernes Luftschiff für eine Vielzahl von Einsatzmöglichkeiten. Zeppelin NT Luftschiffe werden derweil in Deutschland und Japan betrieben. Die Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei, eine 100% Tochtergesellschaft der ZLT, betreibt den Zeppelin NT seit 2001 für kommerzielle Rundflüge, Werbung sowie wissenschaftliche und industrielle Einsätze in Europa. Zur sofortigen Veröffentlichung freigegeben. Zeppelin media contact: Kathrin Runge +49 7541 5900-547 Airship Ventures media contact: Beth Pursley 650-969-8100 x122

Airship Ventures Zeppelin getting ready to fly

We reported two days ago that the Zeppelin NT had reached the US. It is now unloaded from the dock ship and the empennage and engines are being mounted back on the ship. Check out the posts from the Airship Ventures Blog to see many pictures of the ship arriving, the Zeppelin being offloaded, and much more.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

7th International Airship Convention - Blog Readers Questions

I recieved a very nice comment in my last blog post about the convention. The reader asked the following 2 questions and I will try to answer them from my point of view, others who have been at the convention or have their own opinion about this topic are very welcome to chime in in the comments section of this post.

Question 1: Is there any talk or whispers about the impact this global recession or depression will have on the Airship industry?
Of course everybody is aware of the problems and the global recession that is currently happening. Finding investors in these times might become even more difficult than it already is, but the possibilities for airships to do surveillance more efficient than helicopters or the option to transport cargo by airship without the need for road infrastructures might actually be a competitive advantage and might lead to opening of markets for airships because the price difference compared to traditional solutions might tip in favor for airships. Of course this is just speculation but the general tone at the conference to me was very optimistic. There is a new Research Framework Programme by the European Comission called FP7 that might bring new funding opportunities to the Airship Industry. I will be talking about this in the followup posts to the conference.

Question 2: Any room in this convention for the individual airship enthusiast. The home builder?
There is a lot of room for the individual, if you are building an airship a conference is a perfect place to talk about what you did and what your design considerations were. In fact there were a lot of students who presented their work and models, individuals who are just starting their own company, smaller companies that are just developing a small new airship, researchers who use airships for scientific exploration, historians, vision papers given by members from organizations like the Airship Association, ISO Polar, even the United Nations World Food Program presented a paper. And of course larger companies presenting their new developments like RosAeroSystems and others. The full coverage of all sessions will follow in the comming weeks.

So now I open up the comments for you the readers what do you think, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lunch break

The first half of the day is over I have taken many pictures and connected with more great people. Haven't really had time to sit down and work on something but there are some great announcements made. Ros Aerosystems is developing a new Airship with a few tons of lifting capacity. I have one picture that I will be posting later. Announcements will be made later this day by Ros Aerosystems too. So lot's of great stuff to cover.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Airship Convention - Welcome Cocktail and Zeppelin Hangar Visit

Bernd Sträter & Dick Chadburn
The 7th International Airship Convention has started tonight with a Welcome Cocktail where the attendees got to meet each other and have a little time to chat before tomorrows first day of sessions. Dr. Bernd Sträter and Dick Chadburn, chairman of the Airship Association welcomed the delegates with a few words and gave a short outline of the evening. The Cocktail hour was from 18:00 to 19:00. At 19:00 Thomas Brandt CEO of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH invited all the delegates over to the Zeppelin Hangar to get an upclose and personal look at the Zeppelin NT in the Hangar. It gave everyone the opportunity to ask questions about the Zepppelin.
Zeppelin NT in the Hangar
Thomas Brandt as well as Brend Sträter and a few others happyly answered the many question the delegates had. Many were clearly impressed by the sheer size of the Zeppelin.
I met a lot of people who I only knew through Email before, it's a fantastic get together of the who-is-who in the airship industry. And I am looking forward to the next day. The convention is opened in about 8 hours by the Lord Mayor of Friedrichshafen. The first two Sessions are "HAA/HALE" (High Altitude Airships) in room Austria chaired by Prof. Partrick Hendrick / COST at 9:00 and parallel to this in room Switzerland a Session called "Future Projects" chaired by Philipe Stabenau. See you there.

7th International Airship Convention 2008 - Warmup

I just arrived in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance to report as live and detailed as possible form the 7th International Airship Convention here at the Messe Friedrichshafen the new conference and exposition grounds right next to the Zeppelin Hangar. The official Conference starts tomorrow morning but tonight at 18:00 local time is the "Welcome Cocktail Party" and at 19:00 it is intended to visit the Zeppelin Hangar. Until then I am just getting settled in testing my Internet connection and my Cameras. If you are at the Convention, say hello to me, I will be taking lot's of pictures and am wearing a Press Badge. I will be checking my email regularly so drop me a line. Go to the website of the Airship Convention 2008 to get the Final Programme it is not to late to come, you can still register directly at the Expo the registration fees are very reasonable especially for students, who can go to the complete convention for 150 Euro. Check back often as I will be writing quite a bit in the next few days, thrusday I plan at least 3 times where I will post short updates.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We will be back soon

Dear readers, you probably wonder why there haven't been any posts in now just over a month, even though there have been lot's of news, like the Zeppelin NT that is shipped to the US an Stephane Roussons try to cross the channel once again. I am sorry that I wasn't able to post for so long but my private live took precedence, because when you are getting married everything has to stand back. I will be resuming more regular postings mid October of course catching up on the last month and I will be reporting from the Airship Convention in Friedrichshafen from October 9th to the 11th. I will be attending sessions will take pictures and will try to bring as much information to those that can not be there. So check back in the next few weeks as we will be ramping back up to a normal posting schedule soon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Zeppelin Branding revealed by TV Report

The British TV Station ITV Local Anglia featured a small report about the Zeppelin today. You can watch it here. Besides containing the information that the Zeppelin is delayed at least until tomorrow because of the weather and an Interview with Erwin Krijger organizer of the Flights, it was the first time the new Branding on the Zeppelin NT could be seen publicly. It's not one single Sponsor this time, but a total of 4 Sponsors.

The Nose (first third) of the Envelope is sponsored by Taigle International, they already feature the Zeppelin prominently on their Website as you see in the picture of this post, a short article is available on their website in dutch (here the auto translated English version).

The second sponsor taking the center of the envelope is Rabobank, they also have an article about their sponsoring involvement on their website.

The tail and last third of the main envelope area is home to the Aerwin Logo and the Website Address Aerwin is the organizer of the Flights over the Netherlands.

Having covered the 3 main sponsors, one can make out a small ZF Logo, which is the logo of ZF Friedrichshafen, right in front of the gondola on the underside of the envelope.

I want to thank Trevor Monk for finding this TV Report and sending the link around. We hope to get some pictures of the Zeppelin some time soon, tomorrow or by the end of the week. If you get a chance to take a picture please let us know, upload it and send us the link or send it directly to us in an email.

Update: Airshipventures has some shots of the Zeppelin with the new Branding, check them out in their latest blog post. Revealing also the opposite side of the Envelope with the Branding of the Rotterdam Port announcing their Wereldhavendagen harbour festival September 5 to 7th. According to Airshipventures the Zeppelin will be at the festival at that time, so a good time to get some nice pictures of the Zeppelin.

Zeppelin now longer in Rotterdam, later in the US

Zeppelin just issued a press release informing that the Zeppelin NT#4 will stay a bit longer in Rotterdam than originally anticipated. The Zeppelin will stay until September 21st in Rotterdam which means the date the Zeppelin leaves for the US moves back about two weeks. [Updated] We attached the English and the German Press release below. To read more about the Zeppelin in the Netherlands please check out our previous posts titled "The Zeppelin will come to the Netherlands"
Here is the press release:
Read this document on Scribd: Prolongation in Netherlands 27 08 08

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Zeppelin NT Rotterdam passenger flights extended in Friedrichshafen, August 27th 2008 – Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH today announced it will extend passenger operations in Rotterdam with the Zeppelin NT recently sold to the US firm Airship Ventures, until September 21st 2008. The shipment to the US will be postponed for approximately two weeks. Immediately thereafter, the airship will travel to its new home in the United States, where it will be operated in the San Francisco bay area by owner Airship Ventures. The operation of the new Zeppelin NT over Rotterdam will be extended an additional two weeks. Last year a Zeppelin NT from Lake Constance was part of an art project in the Netherlands and has performed passenger flights with big success. The rescheduled departure to the USA now allows for a longer tour over Rotterdam, meeting this years demand for passenger Zeppelin tours. Reflecting on the extended tour, Erwin Krijger of Aerwin Technologies commented: “Having organized the first-ever commercial passenger operations of the Zeppelin NT in the Netherlands, we encourage residents and tourists alike to take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience the sights of Rotterdam as never before – by airship!” The Zeppelin NT will be stationed at Rotterdam airport and offers 40 and 60 minute passenger sightseeing flights from September 8-21, 2008. Aerwin Technologies Ltd. will be DZR’s partner for this operation. Further information is available on the Internet at both and or by calling Aerwin at +31 70 301 2700. About Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH is based in Friedrichshafen and operates the Zeppelin NT for commercial air tours, advertising and scientific missions in Europe. Zeppelin NT airships are currently operating in Germany and Japan. Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co KG. ABOUT THE ZEPPELIN NT AIRSHIP The Zeppelin NT07 airship, carrying up to 12 passengers, is the largest airship flying in Europe. At 75 meters in length, it is more than 15 meters longer than the largest blimp. Using the inert gas helium for lift, and vectored thrust engines for flight, the Zeppelin NT has been flying with an unparalleled passenger safety record since 1997, in Germany and Japan. ### Press Contact Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH: Kathrin Runge Tel.: +49 7541 5900 547 Press Contact Aerwin Technologies Ltd. Erwin Krijger Tel +31 70 301 2700

Here the German PDF of the release:
Read this document on Scribd: Verlängerung in Rotterdam 27 08 08

PRESSEINFORMATION Zeppelin NT Rotterdam verlängert Passagierflüge in Friedrichshafen, 27. August 2008 – Die Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH wird ihren Passagierbetrieb in Rotterdam mit dem an die US Firma Airship Ventures verkauften Zeppelin NT bis zum 21. September 2008 verlängern. Aus heutiger Sicht verschiebt sich die Verschiffung in die USA um ca. zwei Wochen. Danach wird der Zeppelin umgehend zu seinem neuen Einsatzort an die Bay von San Francisco reisen, um in dieser Region den Passagierbetrieb aufzunehmen. Der Einsatzzeitraum des neuen Zeppelin NT über Rotterdam wird um zwei Wochen verlängert. Schon im letzten Jahr flog ein Zeppelin NT vom Bodensee im Rahmen eines Kunstprojektes in den Niederlanden und erfreute sich großer Beliebtheit bei den Fluggästen. Die aus terminlichen Gründen spätere Abreise in die USA kommt der großen Nachfrage nach Rundflügen in Rotterdam sehr entgegen. Aufgrund der verlängerten Tour kommentiert Erwin Krijger von Aerwin Technologies: „Wir haben den ersten Passagiereinsatz eines Zeppelin NT in den Niederlanden organisiert, daher ermutigen wir Einwohner und Touristen gleichermaßen, die einmalige Möglichkeit die Sehenswürdigkeiten Rotterdams von oben wahrzunehmen, wie noch nie zuvor – mit einem Luftschiff.“ Der Zeppelin NT ist am Flughafen Rotterdam stationiert und bietet 40- und 60minütige Rundflüge an. Bis zum 21. September 2008 werden Flüge mit dem Luftschiff möglich sein. Partner der DZR für die Rundflüge über Rotterdam ist Aerwin Technologies Ltd. in Den Haag. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie unter; oder unter der Telefonnummer +31 70 301 2700. Zur sofortigen Veröffentlichung. Kontakt Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH: Kathrin Runge Tel +49 7541 5900 547 Kontakt Aerwin Technologies Ltd.: Erwin Krijger Tel +31 70 301 2700 Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GMBH Die Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH hat ihren Sitz in Friedrichshafen und betreibt den Zeppelin NT seit 2001 für kommerzielle Rundflüge, Werbung sowie wissenschaftliche und industrielle Einsätze in Europa. Zeppelin NT Luftschiffe werden derweil in Deutschland und Japan betrieben. Die Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei ist eine 100% Tochtergesellschaft der ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co KG.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Zeppelin NT#4 is in Cardington

We had mentioned in one of our previous posts that the Zeppelin will be in Cardington before starting on it's cruise to the Netherlands. This is the first time since 1930 that a Zeppelin visits Cardington according to John Christopher from Zeppelintours. The Zeppelin arrived safely from London on August 21st at 17:38 according to Alexandra Hall from Airship Ventures
The Zeppelin is scheduled to leave Cardington on Wednesday. There was a press presentation scheduled on Tuesday according to Arnold Nayler,donät know if it happened.
As soon as the Zeppelin arrived in Cardington it was brought into the hangar and the Stella Artois branding was removed and replaced. Who is the new sponsor? We don't know but maybe this picture and this one allow for some speculation. The Zeppelin will fly from Cardington to the Netherlands and will then be transported with a Ship called Combi Dock 1 to North America. To read more about the Ship go to the Combi-Lift website check out the 3D presentation it's quite impressive. The ship will probably leave from Rotterdam or somewhere close to Rotterdam, since this is where the Zeppelin will be flying to in the next week. The question then remains were will the Zeppelin arrive in the US. According to Ryan Myers from "The Beaumont Enterprise", the Zeppelin will arrive at the Port of Beaumont around September 26th will then fly from the port to Southeast Texas Regional Airport, stay there for about 3 days before flying to San Francisco. This information is not confirmed by Airshipventures so pure speculation and rumor at this time. Here are the two articles that Ryan Myers wrote: Article 1 and Article 2
And last but not least Alex Hall from Airshipventures was interviewed on NHPRs Word of Mouth on August 4th. You can listen to the interview by going to the website and downloading the MP3 file of the radio show. Fast forward to Minute 25:30 where the whole 10 Minute interview starts.
Jump over to the Airshipventures Blog to get lots and lots of pictures of the Zeppelin in Cardington.
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Historic Airship Pictures (the Shenandoah, the Los Angeles, the Akron and the Macon as well as the Zeppelins and many more

The web is a big place and there are many hidden gems, websites that have been put together that contain a wealth of information but see only a few visitors. This post today was inspired by two pictures that I found online. Jim Ford had linked to them on his Delicious account One of the pictures was the homepage of George Starcher called Georges World he has a small section on Airships and some really nice pictures of the USS Los Angeles.
The second picture that Jim had linked to brought me through the Wikipedia to the Naval Historical Center I had bookmarked the website before but got lost in it's vastness. The best thing to navigate that website is the Search function. With this and a bit of knowledge about the Navy Airships you can get to the pages of the:
But you can also find pictures of the mast ship USS Patoka even with airships nearby or moored to the mast the resolution of all those pictures is not huge but good enough it makes a very interesting browse.

If the big Navy rigids aren't you favorites, how about some German Zeppelins? While continuing my search for great historic airship sites I stumbled accross this page called "Luftschiff Zeppelin" I had never seen this page before but was so much more surprised what a wealth of information and content the site had to offer. It contains information about all historic Zeppelins from LZ1 all the way to LZ131 either by serial number or name. So have a look at the Luftschiff Database you have to select either serial number (Baunummer) or name (Bezeichnung). But the page does not stop at the information it contains lot of pictures of airships (Luftschiffe) hangars and people from the industry (Luftschiffer). It contains a database of people and hangars with additional information. Eventhough the page is in german it's a real hidden gem. And if your German is rusty the auto-translated English page is also available here

But those aren't the only good historic resources with pictures. The Homepage of Ford U.Ross featuring pictures of Navy Blimps is a great page. Also a wealth of information can be found at Pilot und Luftschiff unfortunately also a German page but you can find information about Airships check out a lot of galleries find out about different airship types and much more. For the English translation follow this link. There are many more interesting historical websites for example DJ's Zeppelin Page or the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society that contain more historical images and information.

We have shown you only a few of those great websites that you should bookmark because they are gems and not easy to be found. We save everything we find and write about in our delicious account currently 520 bookmarks to pages, pictures, videos and other airship related resources on the web. You can take a look at all our bookmarks by going to delicious. Do you know some hidden gems? A site that you think is a fantastic airship related website that we should mention but maybe haven't yet? Is there a link that we have not in our bookmarks? Let us and everyone else know by posting your favorite airship website in the comments section.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Documentary "The Best Shot in Golf" featuring the Metlife Blimp re-airing this weekend

A special TV feature about the Metlife Blimp and it's mission to provide aerial coverage of the PGA Golf Tour is re-aired this weekend on Saturday, August 16, 2008, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET on the US TV Station CBS. Unfortunately the Europeans and many others around the world will not get to see it but hopefully some day. The documentary is called "The Best shot in Golf" featuring a behind the scenes look at the operations of the Snoopy One Blimp.
Here is the latest media alert by Metlife with all the details:
Read this document on Scribd: The Best Shot in Golf presented by MetLife

Public Relations MetLife, Inc. MEDIA ALERT MEDIA ALERT MEDIA ALERT GO BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE METLIFE BLIMP PROGRAM CBS SPORTS SPECIAL PROVIDES INSIDE LOOK AT HOW METLIFE DELIVERS THE BEST SHOT IN GOLF Aerial shots of sporting events taken from the MetLife blimps have helped to provide a unique vantage point and experience for viewers from high above. And to bring fans closer to the thrill of how the blimps operate and capture aerial shots for the PGA TOUR, viewers can tune into The Best Shot in Golf presented by MetLife. WHO: • The MetLife blimp, Snoopy One, stars in the hour-long documentary, The Best Shot in Golf presented by MetLife. WHAT: • The Best Shot in Golf presented by MetLife provides a behind the scenes look at the spectacular coverage MetLife brings to the PGA TOUR – from the cliffs at Torrey Pines to the island green at the TPC Sawgrass. • The documentary goes inside the operations of the MetLife blimp, giving viewers the opportunity to soar 1,500 feet in the air with camera man Bob Mikkelson as he crafts amazing shots of the picturesque course below, watch pilot Charlie Smith battle time and Mother Nature on his first solo transcontinental flight, and follow the 14 team members of the MetLife Snoopy One blimp crew as they choreograph each take-off and landing. WHEN: • Produced by PGA TOUR Productions, the documentary will air on Saturday, August 16, 2008, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET on CBS, preceding coverage of the third round of the Wyndham Championship. ABOUT THE METLIFE BLIMP PROGRAM: Since conception in 1987, the MetLife blimps have become a vital part of sports television coverage as well as an invaluable icon of MetLife. The MetLife blimps cover approximately 70 high-profile televised events a year as well as support MetLife activities with special flyovers of employee, client, and consumer events. From August to October of 2007, an additional blimp, Snoopy Three, was added to the blimp program in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the MetLife blimp program. This year, from June to November, Snoopy Three rejoined Snoopy One and Snoopy Two to celebrate MetLife’s 140th Anniversary. For additional information about the MetLife blimp program and “The Best Shot in Golf,” visit, click on “About Us” and then “MetLife Blimp.” ###

To give you a sneak peak of what to expect I dug out two videos from YouTube that are scenes of the documentary. Enjoy!

Best Shot in Golf

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Airship Videos of the Day

Since I have quite a few Videos of airships that I want to present I decided I am going to start a regular feature were I publish between 5 and 10 videos related to airships. I don't know if it will be a daily thing or probably every second day or weekly we will see. Or better you tell me, how often you would like such a feature. So here are todays videos:

Airshipworld Video of the Day 080812

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Zeppelin will come to the Netherlands

Slowly the time for the Star Over London comes to an end. The Zeppelin NT that is flying for Stella Artois over London will end it's flights by the 21st August 2008. And since ultimately the Zeppelin needs to get to the US the question is when is that going to happen and what is going to happen in between. Today we have the answer and it is an exciting one. Aerwin Technologies (English translation of the original dutch site here) in cooperation with Zeppelin Europe Tours have organized the the first multi day airship cruise of the new age. The Zeppelin NT will take 10 exclusive passengers on a trip starting from the British cradle of Airships in Cardington on August 26th traveling via London, Dover, Calais, Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam arriving in Valkenburg near The Hague on August 29th. The tour is almost completely booked. Just yesterday another 2 seats were made available so in case you want to catch a ride check one of these websites:
Also check out this flyer of the Cruise which is available in the original here a German version is also available here:
Read this document on Scribd: Zeppelin Europe Tours Aerwin Tour 2008

If you can't quite afford the 6500€(incl tax, hotels, meals, transfers) for the cruise the Cruise the next stop of the Zeppelin might be more for you. The Zeppelin will fly from Rotterdam until September 8th 2008 and offer round trips similar to those offered in London. Similar to London there is a number of different options available to fit every pocket. Starting with flight of 35 minutes for € 270,- going to 60 minutes flights for € 450,- and topping of with a 90 minutes flight for € 675,-. To find out more about the flights check Aerwins Homepage(in dutch) or have a look at the Zeppelintours Website for contact information and some pictures of last years flights. The flights over Rotterdam are a continuation of flights that were done last year in the Netherlands, some might remember our post and the unique branding of the Zeppelin with the highway number "N470" all this is of course the lead up to the great day when the Zeppelin NT is finally shipped to the US we reported earlier this year about this. I personally believe that the Zeppelin will be shipped from Rotterdam but this is just speculation on my side. It's good to see the Zeppelin NT #4 continuing the success story of it's older brothers and we wish Airship Ventures only the best for their operation in the US starting this fall.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Turtle Airships the brainchild of Darrell Campbell

While it is easy to write about the Zeppelin, the Goodyear Blimps or the Metlife Blimps. There are other posts that are a bit more challenging because they touch a controversial announcement or project. Today we want to take a look at Turtle Airships the company of Darrell Campbell. His concept and design was first made prominent as the Millenium Airship SkyFreighter which used Campbells deisgns as inspiration. He continued to develop his concept and now promotes his own airship called the Turtle Airship described as a
Rigid SHELLED Lighter-than-Air, >200mph, AMPHIBIOUS, all weather passenger airships. SOLAR POWERED with Bio-fuel backup power
Unfortunately there is today no airship that can even tick one of those boxes there is no rigid shelled airship, none that flies faster than 200mph, non that is amphibious or can fly in all weather. No human carrying airship that is solar powered or uses bio-fuel. Tree Hugger has written about Turtle Airships in 2007 but published a quite critical article just recently which you can read here. This article came in response to a press release that Turtle Airships issued. Read on for the full text:
Giant Flying Turtles to Revolutionize Global Aviation with Solar Power

A new way to fly! Turtle Airships company announces the beginning of construction iof a demonstration model of a new form for lighter-than-air airships. The airships are not blimps. They are solar powered and will reach speeds of 200 mph.

Valencia, Spain (PRWEB) July 2, 2008 -- Turtle Airships company will change the world aviation industry with 200 mph solar powered airships. Constructed with rigid shelled hulls of aluminum and carbon fiber, the airships look like giant turtles. These "turtle" airships are not blimps or zeppelins. The airships are being designed in Spain and the U.S.

Construction has started on a first prototype and the first flight and testing is scheduled to be done in Singapore this year. Turtle Airships will make a demonstration around-the-world flight of the new solar powered airship in 2009.

The airships' hulls are covered with solar cells which power the airships during daylight hours. For flying at night or cloudy weather, the airships use bio-diesel fueled jet engines as a back-up system. The airships cruise at speeds which are comparable to some airplanes.

The airships take off and land straight up and down like a helicopter and are amphibious. They land directly onto the water and take on water ballast for stability like a boat. The airships can land in harbors, rivers, mountain lakes, or the middle of the ocean.

The airships will also land on any empty field or at airports, and use built in systems to anchor to the surface without ground crew assistance. Turtle airships do not need huge hangers and can fly in any weather.

"Almost everyone immediately thinks of blimps or the Hindenburg," says company president, Darrell Campbell. "The Turtle airship is far more advanced in technology and capabilities."

Although there are less than fifty blimps or zeppelins in the world now, Turtle Airships expects to field hundreds of its' solar powered airships. Turtle Airships plans to invest over $200 million in airship manufacturing plants and airship operations by 2012; with an expected (IPO) public offering to raise over $3 billion scheduled for 2015. To reach these goals the company will work with local and national Economic Development agencies throughout the world to train workers and develop solar powered airship programs. Turtle Airships will also enter into joint ventures and is seeking venture capital and private investments which are directed toward alternative fuels and solar energy.

The company will concentrate on building airships meant for the travel market, with secondary emphasis given to military applications. The company had been originally considered for a U.S. Department of Defense airship program called "WALRUS", which was to create giant airships for military transport. Turtle Airships is designing airships for security surveillance and interdiction of pirates in the waters off of Somalia, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

Turtle Airships will also use "flying hospitals" to deliver worldwide humanitarian aid. Carrying doctors, foods, emergency equipment and other supplies, airships can avoid delays and complex delivery systems by flying to disaster areas and landing directly where help is needed. The airships will be made available to the United Nations, International Red Cross, Red Crescent, and other aid organizations.

"Turtle Airships is the only company in the world that is focused on creating a new aviation industry based on solar powered flight," says Campbell. "We can save over $100 billion each year on fuel costs alone, another several hundred billion dollars in airport construction, and eliminate a major source of carbon emissions. Airships are a trillion dollar industry, still in its' infancy, that will grow for decades."

Darrell Campbell is the designer of the "turtle" airship, and president of the twenty-seven year old company.

For additional information, and direct email address, visit the company Web page at or visit a company Web blog at
The claims that can be read in this press release are very bold, especially since an airship of that size will have to be certified by numerous aviation authorities and that it took Zeppelin almost 8 years to get the Zeppelin NT certified. So a round the world flight in 2009 seems very unlikely to me. We wish Darrell and his Company all the luck in the world and we hope to see pictures and videos of the prototype soon, because 2009 is approaching fast. if you want to read more about Turtle Airships it's best to take a look at the Turtle Airships Blog were Darrell actively promotes his designs and outline why traditional blimps are not the best solution. He also writes two other blogs MILITARY- AIRSHIPS (no blimps) and solar flight! which are also promoting his ideas.

So what do you think. Does it sound like a hoax or a scam to you or do you think the idea is brilliant? Do you maybe even know more, have additional pictures or inside information? Please share them with us in the comments, by sending us an email or by talking to other fellow readers in the Forum

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Goodyear Blimp in pictures, stories, videos and more

© Michael Harley / Weblogs Inc.
Following our last non Zeppelin we continue to resist the urge of writing yet another Zeppelin post. But we won't be able to hold off for to much longer. Great news about the Zeppelin NT simply have to be reported so stay tuned.
Today after looking at the Metlife Blimps last we look at the good old Goodyear Blimps and see what they have been up to. Back in April we last looked at them. Starting of today's post is a great article on Autoblog called "Above the Autoblog Garage: The Goodyear Blimp". The article is well written and talks about the Blimp how it is controlled and the overall ride experience. But this is not everything that the article has to offer. Along with the article Autoblog posted a picture gallery of 53 high resolution photos from outside and inside the blimp. Some really nice shots in that gallery. Also hot of the press and a big thanks to Ken DeLacy for finding this bit. At the 2:00 minutes mark of the Aero-TV's Daily Update from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh for Friday August 1st the Goodyear Blimp is featured as it made it's appearance to this years AirVenture Oshkosh.

Aero-TV:OSHCast 2008 Aero-TV Daily Update: Day Five!
But this is of course not the only video that we were able to find, check out all these great videos of the Goodyear Blimp that we found on YouTube

But not only videos were made of the Goodyear blimp the Goodyear Blimp Blog is also always a great place to read more about the ongoing missions of the Blimp. Here are the latest articles:
Goodyear also updated their website adding a couple videos from the Archives to it. Unfortunately the Videos are encoded with a Codec called Indeo Video 3.2 which is not distributed with newer versions of Microsoft Windows (eg. Vista). To be able to watch the Videos if you don't have the codec on your system. You will notice by having sound but no picture when playing the Video you can download the free VLC Media Player which still supports Indeo Video 3.2. So nothing that can keep you from diving into histroy and seeing the christening of the Akron and many other gems from Goodyears archives.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some bits from the MetLife Blimps

With all the pictures and videos from and of the Zeppelin over London one could almost forget that there are many other Airships out there. So today we once again take a look at what the MetLife Blimps are doing. Last time we talked about the Metlife Blimps was in a post in May were we talked about their PGA Tour footage. So what is hot about MetLife's Blimps lately?
Well first and hottest of the press is probably the Announcement and Presentation of Snoopy Three. The regular readers will have a little deja vu here because Snoopy three has already been flying last year from August until October but now he is back for it's 2008 flights. You can check out the schedule on the MetLife Website. This years Snoopy Three operation was accompanied with a nice video. The original can be seen here, but there is also a version on YouTube that we embedded right below:

MetLife Displays How Newest Blimp, Snoopy® Three, Takes Off

Here is the full text of the accompanying press release:
MetLife’s Snoopy Three Takes Off

Behind the Scenes Look at How Blimps Help Cover America’s Most Important Sporting Events

Peanuts® Characters Help Celebrate the Christening of the Newest MetLife Blimp

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Snoopy® and the gang joined representatives from MetLife to christen their newest blimp and to celebrate its 2008 flying season. Snoopy Three, the company’s largest airship is known for providing breathtaking beauty shots and spectacular aerial shots of sporting events. The airship is an A-150 model blimp that measures 165 feet long, 46 feet wide and 55 feet tall. The blimp is significantly larger than Snoopy One and Two and will provide coverage of major sporting events such as the PGA championship as well as various NFL Games.

This video goes behind the scenes with Charlie Smith, the line pilot for Snoopy® Three as he shows you how he pilots the blimp that helps provide TV coverage for your favorite sporting events, such as the PGA TOUR and various NFL games.
But Snoopy Three isn't the only MetLife Blimp. Kieth Krause is the Blimp Blogger on board the Snoopy Two treating us regularly with updates on the different events and missions the Blimp flies on his Blog "Blimpin' Ain't Easy" we have mentioned his Blog before and if you aren't a regular reader of his Blog check out some of his latest posts, they usually contain a short video or picture gallery from the places he went.
Unfortunately Keith mostly reports on Snoopy Two, we rarely get news from Snoopy One. And in general we need more Airship/ Blimp Bloggers. The Goodyear Guys caught the virus, Airship Ventures had it from day one but what's with the rest, when will Zeppelin start a Blog or Airship Management Services. If you need help with it send me an email.
So that's almost it for MetLife Blimp updates, except for these three great pictures on Flickr unfortunately copyrighted so I can not add them to this entry but have a look at them they are nice:
So that's it for now on the MetLife Blimps, if you think we have forgotten something let us know, drop us an email or post a comment on the Blog, we love to hear from you. Also remember to spread the word. Thanks to you the readers and subscribers we have had the most successful month since we started the Blog back in March 2007. If you have ideas on what we could do better share them in the Forum or send us an Email directly to airshipworld (at)
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Great 8 Minutes video of the Zeppelin over London - [Updated: and another 3 minutes]

I just found a great great Video of the Zeppelin flying over London on YouTube. It has been online for just a few hours and has only been watched 19 times as of the time I write this. So whats so great and why is it a must watch for every Zeppelin Fan. Well because it is 8 Minutes long, the longest video till now that I have seen of the London flights. It starts out with the Zeppelin showing once again it's unsurpassed ground handling qualities. Following lot of scenes from within the Zeppelin so you can see everything in great detail and you get to experience the introduction that the copilot does when the airship lifts of. Finishing with some nice shots of London and the Zeppelin lifting off with for the next flight. Watch it, rate it, comment on it. It's worth it. And can inspire even more people to want to fly in Airships.

Airship Over London Star Over London
In addition to the Video above, Jim Logajan from the Yahoo Airshiplist pointed out another video of a flight with the London Zeppelin.

Airship Ride Over London
To read even more about the Zeppelin follow our coverage of the Star Over London. The Zeppelin will fly over the Netherlands later this Summer, subscribe to the blog to be up-to-date on the when and were. And after that Airship Ventures will take the Zeppelin home to San Francisco. As a subscriber you will also not miss a thing. We will keep you informed. You can Subscribe to our RSS Feed in a Feedreader or just get the latest and greatest Airship news delivered to you via Email with our Email Subcription Service. Leave us a comment or send us an Email if you have any questions or suggestions. You can also subscribe to our Mailinglist and Forum where you can exchange your thoughts with other readers. And please spread the word. Link to us from you blog or website, save our stories to Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious, Facebook and all the others.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More London Zeppelin greatness at the Airship Ventures Blog

As long as the Zeppelin is flying over London the Web is just bursting with pictures and videos. This time the Airship Ventures Blog Up Ship! is servicing us with some London Zeppelin greatness. Click on the Links to get to the Blogposts and then make sure to click on the Pictures to see them in full size.
Also Airship Ventures showed the first sneak peak of the new GPS Tracking System that will be available on the Zeppelin NT allowing those of us who aren't so lucky to be flying with the Zeppelin can at least see it on a Live Tracked Map.