Sunday, April 1, 2007

Updates from the Current Airship Blog

Grant Morgan made an update to his Current Airship Blog he announced 3 new Websites one of them is us, thanks Grant for that. Besides our blog he also mentioned Levante-Vision a site from germany unfortunately the site seems to be offline right now, so I thought I include a lik to a google search allowing you to look at the cached copies of the pages that where available. So check out the chached pages on Google if you are interested.
The other Site Grant mentions is Airship Initiatvie a Site dedicated to build business around airships. The Airship Initiatvie are John and Ute Christopher and they are Living in the UK. It's quite an intersting Site, with a lot of information check it out at To some of you John might be a name that you remember, he was editor of Airship – the journal of the Airship Association, for three years.

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