Thursday, April 5, 2007

Airship Art - Sneak Preview

Paul Adams provided me with this picture based on the "famous" photo of the ZR1 unmasting from the Patoka, it's a sneak peak of a newly commissioned airship painting that is one of a series depicting the history of rigid airships. He says, that the series should be released in the not to distant future, they are currently working out the media, format and some other details. Of course we will report on it, when we have news about them. Click on the post-title or the picture to see a fullsize version of the Image and leave your Comments, either here in the blog or via email.


ZeppelinSky said...

Yes, please let me know when they'll be availble! Will they be available as a screensaver?


mainlymilitary said...

I found a lot of worthwhile info here!