Friday, April 13, 2007

About "Airship Advertising"

Together with Skywork Media we would like to publish two posts one more general about Airship Advertising this is this one, and then another one about Skywork Media and their Airship. So read on to find out more about Airship advertising.
Airships are a very powerful marketing tool. Unique & different, they are highly emotional and a high impact alternative advertising medium.

Throughout history and still today humans always have been fascinated with things that fly. You have the air shows, festivals etc. There are many positive feelings associated with things that fly (power, prestige, trust, patriotism...). These positive feelings will be reflected upon the Advertiser and the Brand through "power of association".

Airships also have a high recall rate compared to other media. You will remember an Airship and messages on it after years have gone by.

There is no Advertising clutter in the Sky and this makes Airships also highly visible. It is also a basic human instinct to look up...

Compared to other Advertising Medium, Airships have the lowest Cost per Thousand (CPM) rate, a well known term in Advertising. Yes, therefore Airships are great to reach masses

Among other, Airships complement and maximize your corporate PR efforts.

One of the most impressive features about Airships Advertising is that they reflect an increase in sales & market share and if done right and integration with effective PR, the free publicity & media coverage received is very valueable.

Last but not least, Airships increase brand awareness and strengthen your company/brand image. They draw attention to your marketing message and build impact.

Airships are widely used by Fortune 500 Companies as an integral part of their Marketing Plan. Some famous corporate Blimps include Met Life, Sanyo, Fuji, Saturn,, Blockbuster Video and last but not least Goodyear Company who started it all. Being a manufacturer of Blimps during World War 2, Good Year Tire Company operates 3 Advertising Blimps in the US today. Blimps have been an indispensable and powerful vehicle for Goodyear Company in achieving near universal Brand Awareness.

Thanks to Bugra Moto from Skywork Media for this article. What are your opinions about advertising in the sky, please let us know, send us an email or leave a comment on the Blog and check back later today for a closer look at the 60ft/18m remote controlled Skywork Media advertising blimp

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