Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Friedrich Files, WDL and la Compagnie des Dirigeables

So in lack of really great news on the April Sunday we are going to introduce you to some websites. Some of them might already be known to you, but maybe some are are new. First I would like to introduce The FriedrichFiles it's a site containing a pretty extensive list of airship manufactures and their crafts and some pictures of airships like the one on the right. Definitely worth checking out.
The next page I want to point to is the homepage of WDL LUFTSCHIFFGESELLSCHAFT their homepage is available in german and english. WDL is a Manufacturer of Airships and is the only manufacturer of full size advertising blimps with all necessary permissions and CofA for the US, Japan and Germany. Check them out they also have some nice pictures of their airships on the site.
Last but not least we take a look at the French website of La Compagnie des Dirigeables they have a personal blimp, that can carry one person, and a very innovative inflatable hangar. Check out their site, there are also some great videos available. It's not necessary that you are able to read French, cause discovering what you can find behind the different links is actually quite interesting and fun.

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