Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just taking a break, we will be back don't worry

First things first, thanks for still being subscribed, I know we have been very slow on updates these last two months and you might be wondering why. Well the Blog isn't dead, it might have gotten a bit dusty with a few spiderwebs here and there but there aren't any tumble weeds blowing through the hallways just yet. We are alive and kicking and are working hard behind the scenes. We have a lot of Content we haven't covered, like the Airship Ventures Zeppelin making headlines everywhere and the International Airship Convention and the annual Airship Association Symposium also not covered. So the question is what's going on why have we been so quiet. Well I can't say much just yet, but it's something Associated with Airships, so much being said. We will talk about it as soon as we have made enough progress, it will be something that the whole community will enjoy. As to our future, I really have to get back into the rhythm of posting regularly hope to be back on track over the X-Mas holidays and keep the throughput up in the new year. So stay tuned, watch this space, stay subscribed and have a great holiday season.