Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Zeppelin Branding revealed by TV Report

The British TV Station ITV Local Anglia featured a small report about the Zeppelin today. You can watch it here. Besides containing the information that the Zeppelin is delayed at least until tomorrow because of the weather and an Interview with Erwin Krijger organizer of the Flights, it was the first time the new Branding on the Zeppelin NT could be seen publicly. It's not one single Sponsor this time, but a total of 4 Sponsors.

The Nose (first third) of the Envelope is sponsored by Taigle International, they already feature the Zeppelin prominently on their Website as you see in the picture of this post, a short article is available on their website in dutch (here the auto translated English version).

The second sponsor taking the center of the envelope is Rabobank, they also have an article about their sponsoring involvement on their website.

The tail and last third of the main envelope area is home to the Aerwin Logo and the Website Address Aerwin is the organizer of the Flights over the Netherlands.

Having covered the 3 main sponsors, one can make out a small ZF Logo, which is the logo of ZF Friedrichshafen, right in front of the gondola on the underside of the envelope.

I want to thank Trevor Monk for finding this TV Report and sending the link around. We hope to get some pictures of the Zeppelin some time soon, tomorrow or by the end of the week. If you get a chance to take a picture please let us know, upload it and send us the link or send it directly to us in an email.

Update: Airshipventures has some shots of the Zeppelin with the new Branding, check them out in their latest blog post. Revealing also the opposite side of the Envelope with the Branding of the Rotterdam Port announcing their Wereldhavendagen harbour festival September 5 to 7th. According to Airshipventures the Zeppelin will be at the festival at that time, so a good time to get some nice pictures of the Zeppelin.


Anonymous said...

Please note: ZF does NOT mean Zeppelin Friedrichshafen. It is a completely different company.

Andreas said...

You are right I corrected it. ZF does not stand for Zeppelin Friedrichshafen. It stands for Zahnrad Fabrik. But infact ZF is owned almost completely by the Zeppelin Foundation. And was foundend by Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH. Read here: Zeppelin-Foundation

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