Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some bits from the MetLife Blimps

With all the pictures and videos from and of the Zeppelin over London one could almost forget that there are many other Airships out there. So today we once again take a look at what the MetLife Blimps are doing. Last time we talked about the Metlife Blimps was in a post in May were we talked about their PGA Tour footage. So what is hot about MetLife's Blimps lately?
Well first and hottest of the press is probably the Announcement and Presentation of Snoopy Three. The regular readers will have a little deja vu here because Snoopy three has already been flying last year from August until October but now he is back for it's 2008 flights. You can check out the schedule on the MetLife Website. This years Snoopy Three operation was accompanied with a nice video. The original can be seen here, but there is also a version on YouTube that we embedded right below:

MetLife Displays How Newest Blimp, Snoopy® Three, Takes Off

Here is the full text of the accompanying press release:
MetLife’s Snoopy Three Takes Off

Behind the Scenes Look at How Blimps Help Cover America’s Most Important Sporting Events

Peanuts® Characters Help Celebrate the Christening of the Newest MetLife Blimp

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Snoopy® and the gang joined representatives from MetLife to christen their newest blimp and to celebrate its 2008 flying season. Snoopy Three, the company’s largest airship is known for providing breathtaking beauty shots and spectacular aerial shots of sporting events. The airship is an A-150 model blimp that measures 165 feet long, 46 feet wide and 55 feet tall. The blimp is significantly larger than Snoopy One and Two and will provide coverage of major sporting events such as the PGA championship as well as various NFL Games.

This video goes behind the scenes with Charlie Smith, the line pilot for Snoopy® Three as he shows you how he pilots the blimp that helps provide TV coverage for your favorite sporting events, such as the PGA TOUR and various NFL games.
But Snoopy Three isn't the only MetLife Blimp. Kieth Krause is the Blimp Blogger on board the Snoopy Two treating us regularly with updates on the different events and missions the Blimp flies on his Blog "Blimpin' Ain't Easy" we have mentioned his Blog before and if you aren't a regular reader of his Blog check out some of his latest posts, they usually contain a short video or picture gallery from the places he went.
Unfortunately Keith mostly reports on Snoopy Two, we rarely get news from Snoopy One. And in general we need more Airship/ Blimp Bloggers. The Goodyear Guys caught the virus, Airship Ventures had it from day one but what's with the rest, when will Zeppelin start a Blog or Airship Management Services. If you need help with it send me an email.
So that's almost it for MetLife Blimp updates, except for these three great pictures on Flickr unfortunately copyrighted so I can not add them to this entry but have a look at them they are nice:
So that's it for now on the MetLife Blimps, if you think we have forgotten something let us know, drop us an email or post a comment on the Blog, we love to hear from you. Also remember to spread the word. Thanks to you the readers and subscribers we have had the most successful month since we started the Blog back in March 2007. If you have ideas on what we could do better share them in the Forum or send us an Email directly to airshipworld (at)
Thanks for reading Airshipworld, thanks for subscribing and thanks for stopping by, let's try to make August even more successful than the last Month.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I am the photographer of that 2nd Snoopy Blimp photo on Flickr. If you would like to use it, contact me through Flickr. I am sure we could work something out.


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