Monday, October 27, 2008

Airship Convention Roundup in the works and status update

Just a quick update for all who are waiting on updates on the International Airship Convention and the Airship Ventures Zeppelin (which has arrived at Moffet Field. Flights in San Francisco will come soon).
The Convention Round Up will take me some time. I will try to get some posts out this week. There is much more than just blog posts in the works, all requiring a lot of time. And since I'm doing this currently alone in my spare time it take a lot longer than I would want. So this is my call out to all you dear readers, if you are wondering how you can help Airshipworld to grow, here are two options.
  1. Contribute by becoming part of the team write articles or pre filter one of my numerous sources, if you think you have a skill to contribute please let me know. I could also need some help with Drupal, Wordpress and Ruby on Rails development, so if you would like to do something in that direction let me know
  2. The other option to support us is by Sponsoring the Blog. We have limited bandwidth costs that are covered by the current advertising on the page, but you could have your company advertise on the Blog. Send me an email and let me know what kind of advertising you would like to do? Anything that I earn through Airshipworld goes right back into the project. For example to pay for the trips to Airship events or to pay for hardware that is used to produce the Blog and the content you see or for promotional material like flyers and business cards.
If you have any other ideas thoughts or even whishes let me know, the content here is for you, the reader, so it should be exactly what you want and if we miss something tell us, so that we don't miss it again.

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