Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Airship on sale !

Ron K miller posted this in our forum I just wanted to bring it to the front page to bring it to eveyones attention:
Greetings fellow airship enthusiasts. I have a 1987 Thunder & Colt AS-56 Pressurized Thermal Airship for sale in pristine condition for $55,000. G-BNKF (British Registration) It has 44 hours total time - and that is not a misprint! It has been stored in Tucson, which is of course a dry, desert climate. Standard Airworthiness Certificate. Pilot only. Training is included in Tucson this winter, however I will only train the person that is purchasing. This ship would make a great entry level platform for anyone wanting to learn to fly an airship, or can be used for commercial advertising. Please send me an E-mail at RonKMiller (AT) cs.com if you are interested and we can discuss details off line.
You can check out the post in the Forum by following this link. Contact him if you are interested and let me know how the story continues. If you want some more information about the Airship have a look at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) entry for the registration G-BNKF


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