Wednesday, June 27, 2007

RC Airship Regatta - official results

So just a quick follow-up article to our previous post about the rc airship regatta 2007. The official results are out here is the list of the airships and their pilots:
  1. Iris - Johannes Eißing
  2. Centriolo - Dominik Baumüller
  3. Dubbel Bubbel 2 (TU München) - Christian Rößler
  4. Homer - Phillip Neuhaus
  5. Hinkelstein (TU Berlin) - Martin Zobel
  6. Kirby (Stuttgart) - Wolfgang Heydlauff
  7. Microbe (Beyond Gravity) - Dominik Baumüller
  8. LarsPing (TU Berlin) - Martin Zobel
  9. Dubbel Bubbel - Gerhard Hattinger
  10. EAP-Blimp C20 - EMPA-Erich
To get a even more detailed list with times and sizes, and statistics you can go to the files Section of the rc_airship_regatta Yahoo group under München 2007 you will find the Results labeled "Auswertung_Airship-Race2007_Muenchen.pdf". You can only access these Files if you are a member of the Group, but membership is free so join the group, and tell them that we sent you. Also in the group you can find some additional photos from the event in the Photo Albums under Muenchen DGLR2007.


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