Thursday, June 28, 2007

New remote controlled webcam at Zeppelin

Just adding to this weeks Zeppelin news, we would like to share the new Zeppelin Webcam with you. This brand new Webcam can be controlled by you. Yes by you, it is a remote controlled webcam, you can tilt it, rotate and use the zoom. It's really worth a try, click on the image below to jump right to it.

We have to thank H.P.Stroehle a Pilot at Zeppelin for his announcement on the Airhip-list. He gave a little bit of an explanation on how to use the camera:
Normally, after getting into the webcam, clicking on the picture, you get into a waiting position, if there´s somebody else using the camera movement tool. On top of the picture you will see, which is your number in the waiting list. As soon as it´s your turn, you will have approx. 120 seconds to play with the camera yourself. If you Zoom in properly on the ship, you´ll be able to see quite some details.

Here´s Friday´s schedule:

Friday morning, at 08:00 hours, European Time ( 06:00 UTC or ZULU) you will see the Zeppelin leaving the hangar. We´ll be doing some engine checks and adjustment, since we changed the aft engine today.

We are planning to fly throughout the whole day. At approx. 14:20 local (12:20 UTC) we should be landing for a REFUEL and I´ll be taking over the afternoon shift.

We are planning to fly tomorrow until 20:30 (local), 18:30 UTC.

Have fun checking it out. I´ll be putting on my best smile into the cam.....:-)
He continued in a second mail saying
If you Zoom in on -7 Vision Angle and -18 Pitch Angle with approximately 50% of ZOOM you will see the Dornier Float Plane standing in Front of our Hangar. This is the one that Iren Dornier flew around the world a few years ago.
And this plane you also see in the picture above, since it is night in Germany and was already when I took the picture, it's quite dark but one can see the plane. So if you are now intereted, go to but make sure you have Java installed and activated. If you do not have it, the webcam can not be used, go to to download and install the Java Runtime Environment.


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