Sunday, June 17, 2007

RC Airship Regatta Munich coverage

Sorry that there wasn't a post yesterday, but I was out on the (rail)road to Munich for the RC Airship Regatta. The regatta was the closing event of this years DGLR workshop. Here is our coverage complete with pictures and videos. There were 10 airships present, in order of appearance those were:
  • Kirby - Wolfgang Heydlauff(TU Stuttgart)
  • Centriolo - Dominik Baumüller
  • Homer - Philip Neuhaus
  • EAPinguin -Erich Fink
  • Double Bubble - Gerhard Hattinger
  • Double Bubble 2
  • Mikrobe - Dominik Baumüller
  • LarsPing - Martin
  • Iris - Johannes Eißing
  • Hinkelstein - Martin
The RC Airship Regatta was first held 4 years ago and ever since it has been held in context of the yearly DGLR meetings and at special events. The goal is to try out new airship designs in the small and let them compete against each other. It's also an opportunity for students and younger people to get interested and involved with airships and LTA technology. Johannes Eissing is the organizer of the regattas and set up a yahoo group at for communication, organization and planning of regattas. Everybody interested in remote controlled blimps and airship design is welcome to join. Right now these events are only in Germany, but if there are interested people around the world who would like to set up such events in their country, please contact us at airshipworld or Johannes. Mini airships are a great way to get involved and also to raise the visibility of airships in the public. The designs competing this the race should not be confused with toys, they are built by people who are involved in airships in the day job, like Johannes who previously worked for Cargolifter and is now working for Zeppelin. If you already have a remote controlled blimp and would like to race someone, send us an email, and we will help you organize a race.
Check out our slideshow and webalbum on Picassa containing fotos of the race:

We also have a few videos of the runs up on YouTube as a playlist, check them out:


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