Thursday, June 7, 2007

Zeppelin NT 004 picture

Yes you are reading right we got the first picture of the Zeppelin NT 004. Well, it's not really the NT004 yet but it's pieces of what is to become the NT 004. John Christopher of Zeppelintours was so nice to share this image with me.

In yesterdays entry about the Zeppelin Nose, I had assumed that it is not the Zepp 004 and that the nose that can be seen is the one of the Skyship 600. Turns out, I was right! John send me an email explaining it a bit more in detail this is part of what he wrote
The latest pictures in you show are definitely not the new Zeppelin 004. [...] It is, as you suggest, the nose of the SK600 - you can see the nose batons quite clearly.

When we were in Friedrichshafen just a few weeks ago the new Zepp 004 consisted of several piles of new girders and the girder-jigs in position on the hangar floor. Don't expect to see that baby poking its nose out of the door for many months to come. Probably not until early 2008.[...]

The photo of the unpainted Zeppelin is not 004 either, obviously. I see it was posted in April 2006, so probably 003 between advertising paint jobs. Note the absence of nose batons which are not needed on the Zepps.
If you want to get a close up look at the building of the Zeppelin 004 and fly in a real Zeppelin join one of John Christophers Zeppelintours they have just added several new tour dates to Friedrichshafen this summer - see their website tours calendar at The website also has some new photos and information.