Saturday, June 23, 2007

Airshipventures brings the Zeppelin to the US

Yesterday CNet released an article about Airship Ventures, we have talked about them before. The company run by Alexandra and Brian Hall is planning to get a Zeppelin NT to the US and make tourist flights as well as other missions with it in the San Fransisco Bay Area. To read the full article go to This announcement was made unofficially in a report given at Ester Dysons Flight School. Airship Ventures has not yet issued an official press release or made an announcement of that kind. But this is planned once talks with investors are sorted out and many of the questions raised in the article will be answered at that time. We are in very close contact with Airship Ventures and know that this is a serious business done by professionals. Talks with Zeppelin are on the way and according to Bruce Blake of the Airship-list the FAA approval of the Zeppelin NT is progressing,
a recent meeting (ZLT + FAA) in Cologne was successfully completed. Acceptance of the Type in the USA is anticipated by the end of Summer'07.
Airship Ventures also went live with their new company website, which is run in parallel to the Blog. It's definitely worth a look and gives a lot more of insight information. For those in the industry the "Careers" page is worth bookmarking. For people interested in flying with the Zeppelin the "How to buy a Ticket" site is useful. Make sure to check back here at our Blog for more updates about Airship Ventures in the following weeks. If you haven't yet subscribed to the Blog you can do this either via email, to get updates delivered right into your inbox or you can subscribe to our RSS Feed, and read it in you aggregator. If you don't have an aggregator yet, check out Bloglines for example.

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