Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Zeppelin NT in Japan soon to offer sightseeing flights?!?

I took notice of the fact that the Nippon Airship Corporation had something going on though a Forum post that I stumbled over today. So we started our high tech auto translator and tried to decipher some of what was written on the all Japanese website of NAC. The most interesting we found was:
Aeronautical transport business permission was delivered!
2007 June 1st

 The japanese airship, May 31st, acquired aeronautical transport business permission from the national traffic ministry.
When after this, it receives various tests and facility inspection and passes to those everything, the transport business more and more by the airship becomes possible. In this, also sightseeing flight is included of course.

 Already, from many everyone in regard to sightseeing we receive the inquiry, but start time (*) and fee setting and the place etc have not reached to still last decision. As soon as the rule, because at this home page we guide, now please wait for a while.

 * It is schedule after this fall.
In plain old English that means to me that they got a permission to make passenger flights on May 31st only some tests have to be made until they are allowed to start scheduling flights. The first flights might be scheduled this fall. I will try to get into contact with NAC to get some inside information form them but the Google Language Tools definitely where helpful. To check out the NAC Website in English(or what's supposed to English) got to this Google Translated Site. I suggest to look across the page, there are some nice pictures of the Zeppelin NT in Japan and some more stories, like the earthquake disaster restoration investigation from April.

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