Wednesday, June 6, 2007

1st International Airship Investors Conference - Update for May 2007

I would like to share some informations with you, about the current going ons around the 1st International Airship Investors Conference. In the last month we have gotten together and are taking up speed with the organization. After Paul, investigated South Africa as a location it turned out not to be the ideal place, because of different reasons. So we were looking for a new Location somewhere in the world where it is easy to get to and came to the conclusion to move the conference to Berlin, Germany. Germany has a great history with airships and seemed to be a good choice on first sight, but then we found out that in 2008 there is also the ILA in Berlin which is a great forum for the conference since the Berlin Air Show is one of the biggest Aviation trade fairs of the world. So the IAIC is planed to be in parallel to the Berlin Air Show ILA2008 which is in the time range of May 27th to June 1st 2008. We are still working out details but wanted to communicate this. We will also launch a special page where we will put more information about speaker, sign-up possibilities and lot's more. If you are interested in the Conference want to attend it or learn more information about it, please contact us via our email address which can be found in the upper left corner of the blog.
To further plan the conference we are meeting in Munich, Germany on June 16th parallel to the RC-Controlled Blimps Regatta at the Technische Universität München. Expect more updates after this meeting.


Anonymous said...

Moving the conference to coincide with ILA-Berlin is great. South Africa would really have been a stretch (nearly 24 hours travel time!) for those of us coming from the US.

As to the RC-Blimp Regatta on May 18, did this already happen (and thus we should expect to hear the results), or is that taking place next year on May 18?

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