Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Blimp [via Emergence Design]

Today I stumbled over the site Emergence Design, on it you find a collection of works, done by Master Graduates in Industrial Design from the Lund University in Sweden.
One of the Works is by Carl Hagerling, he designed an airship/blimp where the gondola moves and changes the center of gravity.
The description reads as follows:
the Blimp
The Blimp is a helium filled airship that could by changing the centre of gravity, fly in horizontal and vertical position.
This gives us an airship that is easier to maneuver and has good aerodynamics

I extracted some pictures from the press-kit, which you can check out here.

(Click the images for the full size)
I think the concept is very interesting, but feasibility has to be proven, also I am wondering if the size calculations and proportions are all correct. what do you as reader think, let us know. I am trying to get more information and maybe some in depth information about this project from Carl Hagerling. If we get updates they will be posted here.

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