Monday, July 7, 2008

The Zeppelin NT #4 on its way to London

As you might know the new Zeppelin NT #4 is supposed to start flights over London this Thrusday July 10th 2008. Unfortunately the weather god doesn't seem to like the Zeppelin. If you check the Star Over London all status lights are currently red. On Friday morning the Zeppelin left Friedrichshafen on it's way to London. The original plan was to be in London beginning of this week. Currently the Zeppelin is more or less stranded in Bonn (Germany) because of bad weather. The team from Airship Ventures is traveling with the Zeppelin on it's way to London and while they have to wait for better weather they are blogging keeping us all updated. Here is what they wrote today in a post called Ground Hog Day:
Ground Crew, Pilots and Mechanics were all at breakfast this morning for our now 'regular' 9am meeting. This is like 'Ground Hog Day' said Fritz. Ah, I said, I guess that means we're stuck in Bonn for another day.

The weather is pretty awful for the next few days, not here in Bonn where the sun is shining, but in the English Channel. A low pressure is sitting over the UK at present causing very high winds from the SW whistling through the channel.

The Bad News is that it looks to be that way for at least the next couple of days, and then another front sweeps in.

Someone was asking Fritz yesterday ' but can't this airship travel in 30-40 knot winds?' Yes, it can. But if you fly at 45 knots into a 35 knot headwind, then you'll be going very slowly and burning a great deal of fuel!
Have a look at their latest updates on their blog Up Ship!. They have published a whole lot of stuff in the last few days some even dating back a bit. To make it easier for you to find it. Here are the links to their latest posts, featuring bits from the transit flight, pictures and other gems. (newest first)
  1. Ground Hog Day
  2. Cold Beer Shower
  3. Friendly faces at Bonn.
  4. Nuclear I assume
  5. Fast Ship
  6. Crop Canvas (2)
  7. Put a plant in front of it.
  8. Schlossed Out
  9. (Air)Ship to Shore
  10. Roll up, Roll up.
  11. Looks Like Lego
  12. Carpet Bedding
  13. Bye Sis.
  14. Additional Equipment
  15. A true flight of fancy...
  16. Hangar at Night
  17. New Branding
  18. Zeppelin Canvas!
  19. Modern Art?
  20. Rules of the Air
  21. Shadow on the Clouds
  22. Err, Where are we exactly?
  23. Three Heads are better than One
  24. Camp QSL
  25. A Real Blimp Chaser
  26. Footie Ship
  27. Well Traveled Truck
  28. Oh Poo....
  29. View from the Top
  30. Welcoming Crowd
  31. Looking forward to the sun
If you want to work for Airship Ventures, check out this Blogpost they are "Seeking A&P Technicians and Ground Crew" you can also head over to their career page on their website, were they list currently open positions and future hires. So keep an eye on it if you want to be part of the Company who brings the Zeppelin back to the US.


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