Friday, July 11, 2008

A quadrotor heavy lift airship? Not a new idea!

After drawing direct parallels between the Boeing /Skyhook JHL-40 and Piasecki PA-97 Helistat in the last post I did a little bit of research and dug out some papers from way back when.
First two papers from the NASA outlining "Vehicle Concepts and Technology
Requirements for Buoyant Heavy-Lift Systems
" as well as "Missions and Vehicle Concepts for Modern, Propelled, Lighter-Than-Air Vehicles" both documents are from the early 1980s and contain airship concept like the one in the picture of this blog post. A quad rotor heavy lift airship by Goodyear Aerospace. We also found another two documents in the AIAA Archives that you can download from them. One is called "Effects of atmospheric turbulence on a quadrotor heavy lift airship" the other one "Dynamic stability of a buoyant quad-rotor aircraft" both documents are from 1983. If you like airships and have not yet subscribed to Airshipworld please do so by clicking here it's free and you will get the new posts delivered directly to you. Also if you know of any other documents or projects with heavy lift airships let us know post a comment or send us an email.


Unknown said...

This was tried even earlier, in the 1970's. There are details in the last pages of the navy's magnificent history of LTA, "From Kite Balloons to Airships found here:

it downloads painfully slowly, but the lifter is mentioned in the file: The Demise of LTA and a Possible Revival. It was some sort of hacked together craft of 4 helicopters and a blimp, and the thing crashed when a helicopter failed.

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