Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dynalifter update - AirshipsAfrica Website

It has been quiet around Dynalifter for a while now after the prototype got severely Damaged by a storm. But now a new website has been launched called AirshipsAfrica the domain is registered to a guy from California by the name of Harry Etheridge. And they just issued a press release unfortunately not containing any new information about Dynalifetr. That a Californian is hosting a website of an African company is interesting and one has to ask what the plan of this company is. We do not know for sure yet but will contact Airships Africa for further information. We also want to find out why (for example) the logos are so similar and what the connections of Airships Africa and Dynalifter are. If we find out more we will post it. We still have not heard any replies to our inquiries for an interview with Dynalifters Robert Rist. As of today now Dynalifter has ever flown, the prototype is in no condition to fly right now. One interesting bit that I found was on the Dynalifter website it states there:
Shortly after receiving certification, Ohio Airships achieved its primary goal of "gaining international attention" by making the Associate Press and United Press International newswires, and appearing in the New York Times, National Geographic, Wired Magazine, and on the cover of Popular Mechanics Magazine.
To me Dynalifter still seems to be in an early stage of gaining publicity, eventhough their websites press section has not been updated since November 2006. Another claim that is made by Dynalifter is that there is little need for infrastructure which is true, in fact there must not be to much infrastructure around otherwise the Craft will not be operable. With the smallest Dynalifter (according to being 580ft (176m) long which is 2,4 times the length of the A380 with 239ft (73m) which is going to make it difficult to manoeuvre on a regular airport with other ground traffic. Since the Dynalifer can not take of vertically it needs a runway even if it is small. With a lift of 45,000lbs (22 t) the Airbus in it's freight configuration A380F has a maximum payload of 300.000lbs (150 t). So the question has to be asked, how is buoyancy's handled if 22t are removed from the craft. And how are trucks with together 22t of cargo drive on a grass strip. It has to be seen if there is a niche for the Dynalifter when the first one is built and sold. Until then we will continue to keep an eye on Dynalifter and will report of any updates and progress of the project. If you want to read more about the project read our previous posts about Dynalifter.


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