Wednesday, September 5, 2007

News from the Blimp

Have you wondered what happened to the Spirit of Dubai or the Skyship? Well there is a website that chronicles the current Tour of the Skycruise Skyship 600 that was formally the Spirit of Dubai. If you want to fresh up your memory check out our older posts. The first post titled "Zeppelin insights and the Spirit of Dubai" give an overview of what the Spirit of Dubai was and contains some pictures where you can see the Artwork being taken of. The second Post "Skycruise SKS600 (aka The Spirit of Dubai) now" contains pictures of the Skyship 600 with the current branding. But now go and checkout the out the polish site about the tour. Oh and, in case your polish is not so polished, we have prepared some links to auto translated pages: We provide two versions since the one translation service is faster (Version 1) and the other one better (Version 2).
FrontpageVersion 1Version 2
Wygraj Bilet(Win a Ticket)Version 1Version 2
Terminarz (The Tour Schedule)no translation available
Rys historyczny (A short history of airships)Version 1Version 2

And last but not least the Image Gallery with pictures from the beginning of the trip in Friedrichshafen at the Zeppelin Hangar until today. There are some great shots of the Skyship in flight , so definitely check out the galleries and take your time to look through a few of those amazing pictures. And since pictures says more than a thousand words they don't need any translation. We would like to thank Trevor Hunt who posted the link to the Site on the Airship-list.

Links: Image Gallery
Zeppelin insights and the Spirit of Dubai
Skycruise SKS600 (aka The Spirit of Dubai) now


Anonymous said...

i have seen the above belgium today

Anonymous said... crossed the channel and arrived over St Margaret's, Kent late this morning. Last seen headingtowards Canterbury.

Anonymous said...

i have just seen goign over south woodham ferrers near chelmsford, essex

Anonymous said...

I also had seen the on friday the 5/10/07 above Tessenderlo in Belgium.

It was great to see!!!!

Anonymous said...

i saw the on sat the 6th in baldock herts

Andreas said...

Thank you very much for tracking the airship. The Blimp was on it's way to Cardington, England. Check out our latest Blog Post for some pictures as it arrived. Blimp at Cardington Sheds

Anonymous said...

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