Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Airshipventures on a fieldtrip at Zeppelin

Have you read the Airshipventures Blog Up Ship! lately ? Yes well then this wont be much news for you. But if you haven't read on to find out what has been going on with The Zeppelin NT Number 4 and the Airshipventures who want to bring it to San Francisco.
So join me as I guide you through their last couple of posts, make sure to check out all the links in the text to see lot's of great Zeppelin Pictures. Most of them are really hot of the press and haven't been posted anywhere else on the web. So on August 18th they left for their Field Trip to Friedrichshafen. They arrived and one of the first things they saw was the beautiful Zeppelin NT with the Mainau artwork on it. If you come to Germany you wont get around the beer and if you are at Zeppelin you can not get around the original Fliegerbier and the Zeppelin Bier. If you drink lot's of beer you might have to go to the NT (New Toilet) of the fourth Zeppelin NT - probably the only pictures of the zeppelins washroom. If you want to bring a Zeppelin to San Francisco you will get into the news, even with a nice mock up of the Zeppelin over the Golden Gate bridge. And to hold a Zeppelin in place it might take a huge man or a mast truck manufactured by MAN might do too. Have you ever seen how many people it takes to land a blimp, and then exchange passengers, for example on the Goodyear Blimp ? Well the Zeppelin is different how about exchanging 12 passengers, off and new ones on in 4 minutes 12 seconds? Yes airships are fascinating especially for kids in Friedrichshafen who can really see the Zeppelin. Actually Friedrichshafen is the Zeppelin City with airship Artifacts and Art everywhere. But back to the Zeppelin that has lost it's Mainau artwork in the meanwhile and is heading out for a morning flight with a huge ground crew of four people. Some might remember the pictures of the Zeppelin NT No.4 that we posted a while ago, well the now there is more to see, the grinders are already partly assembled and you can recognize the gondola as one. The view out of a Zeppelin window is absolutely fantastic and you can even open the windows, try that with a plane. There is a Zeppelin shop in Friedrichshafen and of course the Museum with a lot of highlights.
You can see there has been a lot going over at Airshipventures and in the weeks to come there will be more, make sure to check their blog regularly for updates. And also if you find the time go to Friedrichshafen and see for yourself how amazing the Zeppelin NT is.

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