Monday, October 8, 2007 Blimp at Cardington Sheds

The Skyship 600 (SKS 600 N605SK) lately known as the blimp that toured Poland this summer. Returned to Cardington this week. In one of our previous posts our readers kept track of the airship via the comments as it was flying over Belgium and France on it's way to England. This marks the end of the promotional tour of the Skyship 600 that left Cardington as the Spirit of Dubai in late 2006 and then got the new Branding in May 2007. I like to thank ragtag04 for shooting some great pictures of the airship as it arrived at Cardington. Also available in his flickr profile are pictures of the Spirit of Dubai leaving Cardington.
Click the following links for the pictures of teh Blimp by Ragtag04:
-Airship activity
-Airship at Cardington
-Airship manouvres
-Allegro ad on a Skyship.
-Busy scene at Cardington

Note: As you might have noticed the posts are currently less than regular. This is because I am on vacation right now, not having the time and infrastructure to post daily. But stay subscribed, I will be back full throttle in November. Until then, take a look into the archives, there is more than 100 posts to read through and if you haven't read Airshipworld from the bginning there might be some interesting stuff for you to find.


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