Friday, September 7, 2007

Met Life blimp Snoopy 2 in Fredericksburg, VA

Today we would like to present a nice Video of the Metlife Blimp Snoopy 2 starting from Fredericksburg VA and other videos of the Blimps. Snoopy 2 is one of the currently 3 Metlife Blimps. Snoopy 3 got introduced just this August, to honour 20 years of the Metlife Blimp Program. So if you do the math the first Metlife Blimp got introduced in 1987 and extended in 1994 to read more about it, read our post about the Metlife Blimp Program with more background information and links.
The video was filmed by Jerry Casper who is also interested a H0 scale (1/87th) blimp to use in a diorama. If you know where to get one of those, or how to build one, please put your feedback into the comments section or send us an email.

Met Life Blimp in Fredericksburg, VA

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