Saturday, September 22, 2007

Zeppelin NT articles

In addition to our coverage about the damage of the Zeppelin NT prototype we would like to point out some more resources like all our other Zeppelin articles that you can read to catch up with what has been going on with the Zeppelin lately. Also our Russian friends from Aerocrat have released and Article about the Zeppelin NT prototype incident of course as always in Russian, so check the auto translated Versions by Worldlingo and Google.
In addition to the current coverage about Zeppelin we found a few more sources. Aviation Photos has a collection of very nice Zeppelin pictures. Lycoming the manufacturer of the Zeppelins engines has a featured article called: The Zeppelin NT 07 - A Legend Redefined talking about the many advantages the Zeppelin NT has and the versatility it gets from it's engines. And last but not least we have a Paper written by the Team of the Zeppelin NT Mission in Africa, David Hatch, Stefan Kuna and Jürgen Fecher. The paper is titled: Evaluation of an Airship Platform for Airborne Gravity Gradiometry and talks about the technology and advantages the Zeppelin NT had as an Airborne Platform.
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