Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Airshipworld needs your Support and Sponsorship

As you might know we at Airshipworld are trying to organize a Conference at the Berlin Air Show (ILA) in 2008. The Conference will be called the First International Airship Investors Conference and our goal is to connect those who are in the airship industry with prospective customers. The conference is not going to focus on the tomorrow but on the today. We would like to invite everyone who is currently operating, manufacturing or selling airships or who is just generally involved with airships in their business. Of course there is room for new concepts to present their solutions and to show investors why their solution is superior to conventional HTA (heavier-than-air aircrafts). We want to showcase the solutions that lighter-than-air technology has to offer, may it be in tourism, cargo, advertising or surveillance. We have selected the ILA in Berlin, since it is a major HTA air show and many people go there seeking for solutions to their problems. And sometimes conventional aircraft can not provide the solutions in an optimal way. LTA will never get many people fast from A to B but HTA will never be able to leisurely glide through the air, allowing the passengers to enjoy the scenery with very low noise. Other topics that we have on the mind are fuel efficiency and environmental advantages of LTA craft over conventional aircrafts and what this means in times of high oil prices. The topics that can be covered are broad and we want to attract a broad audience. The aim of the Airshipworld Conference is to bring the Lighter than air industry back into the mainstream by attracting a broad audience. Right now we need your support to make it happen. Such a conference can not be build from rock and roll, we have to make a down payment for the rooms we reserved at the ILA. It's not much money we have to raise and we call out to everyone who reads this if you work for or know a company which is involved in the LTA Industry, building airships or offering services, tell the marketing department that we need Sponsors. Even if your company doesn't have anything to do with airships you can sponsor us. If you are an Individual go ahead and make a donation via PayPal:
Any cent, helps us to pay the bills. We are not asking for venture capital, or even tens of thousands of dollars. If we can raise about 2500€ by the end of October and another 2500€ until the end of the year we have more than enough money to make the conference happen. If you are interested in supporting Airshipworld either with a donation or by Sponsoring please contact us at airshipworld@gmail.com. The ads you see on the page are paying our hosting bills right now, if you would want your company to be displayed in these ads talk to us about sponsoring, we'd be happy to talk to you.

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