Sunday, September 16, 2007

Worldwide Aeros - The Aeroscraft round-up

When Worldwide Aeros announced their Aeroscraft ML866 they created quite the buzz on the web, a lot of people wrote about it, as if it would exist already or would be on display at the NBAA this September. But also a lot of people especially from the airship and lighter-than-air communities where sceptical, some even thought it might be a hoax. Fact is the Aeroscraft has been around ever since the DARPA Walrus program and got refined over and over again. Aeros just managed to hit a target audience with their announcement, which is very good marketing. As the world will be looking at what Aeros will present September 25-27 at the NBAA we want to revisit some of the posts, and see what there is to gather at the moment about Aeros and the Aeroscraft.
First let's take a look at the recent announcements by Aeros from their press section. Edward Pevzner provied me the links. First the announcement that kicked the buzz of:
The Aeroscraft ML866 is to be introduced at the NBAA Convention.
Following to this there has been quite a buzz online, we will come to many of the pages later, but Aeros also features two very interesting bits. The 1st is an article from Flight International with the Title "Worldwide Aeros to build partially buoyant civil airship" (alternate download). Also they present a feature from the Aero News Networks Internet Radio Station. An Interview with Aeros VP Fred Edworthy about the Aeroscraft ML866. You can download the feature here: Aero News Network Special Feature - Aeroscraft ML866 - Interview or listen to it via our embedded player, just click on play: Fred Edworthy mentions the COSH (Control of Static Heaviness) System in the Interview, which is going to be one of the central parts of the Aeroscraft. Aeros also did a pressrelease about there first successful tests "Aeros successfully completes test of the Control of Static Heaviness Block Two Technology." details on this technology are still sparse. The doubt exists that it is possible to compress helium fast enough with a light enough machine on an airship, but as the Flight International article points out, Aeros will demonstrate the working COSH system with their Aeros 40D Sky Dragon in mid-2008.
So now let's take a look at what has been going on all over the web:
Aeroscraft Flying Luxury Hotel 11.09.2007
The story at webspunideas, clearly referes to the first Aeroscraft concepts that where of the scale for the DARPA Walrus program and are now clearly outdated, but it shows that the Aeroscraft has been around for a while now.
Pimp My Blimp 23.08.2007
The Yuppie Journal got it right, the Aeroscraft won't fly before 2010, but we will follow it's development. And if the small ML866 is successful bigger versions are possible.
Aeroscraft ML866, le retour du Zeppelin ? 21.08.2007
The French Website reports on the Aeroscraft and asks if it will be the return of the Zeppelin. Since the article in in French you can read the autotranslated version. The article also mentions the memorable dates in the history of the Zeppelins
Aeroscraft ML866 Flying Yacht 16.08.2007
Just another WordPress weblog also talks about the Aeroscraft and the author would like to have a pool in the Airship, but I don't think he understands how much water weighs. The author also talks about the 120 knots to speed, which is 220km/h. But this would actually be the fastest airship speed ever achieved. Modern Airships has a nice Article about Steve Fossett speed record flight with the Zeppelin NT in 2004, where he reached 111km/h. We still hope that Steve Fossett will be found, after he disappeard in the Nevada Deserts on the Labour Day Weekend of 2007
It’s an “Aeroscraft” 15.08.2007
Daily Aviator links to an article from and states correctly that the Aeroscraft isn't really an Airship because only 70% of it's lift is generated by Helium.
Pimp My Blimp: New Luxury Airship Planned 14.08.2007
The Semper Fi Livejournal talks about the Aeroscrafts 5000ft² space, that's 464m². I'm not sure but that seems like a lot of space. Considering a normal European apartment is maybe around 100m² wouldn't it be more practical to downscale the Aeroscraft to this size to be competitive on a lower level?
Pimp my blimp 14.08.2007
In the Terror Suspect .com article about the Aeroscraft the author draws parallels to the Hindenburgs size and performance characteristics. The aeroscraft will outperform the Hindenburg in many ways, but the question remains to me wouldn't a smaller version be more feasible?
A New Concept In Flying, The Aeroscraft 10.08.2007
David Pitlyuk talks in his Blog about the new possibilities the aeroscraft has to offer and links to a YouTube Video that talks about the Aeroscraft
A 'BizBlimp'... such a far out concept? 09.08.2007
Dan Pimentel talks on his Blog Av8rdan's World of Flying about the concept of the Aeroscraft and thinks about alternative uses. But he also mentions an important point. With the space the Aeroscraft occupies how is it going to be in the crowded Airspace around major centers, will this be a problem?

Other Sites that also picked up on the Aeroscraft:

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