Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Final picture post for the Airship parade

Tonight we bring you the gallery of the airship parade Bad Homburg that you all have been waiting for. The actual flight and the landing of the colossal hot air airships with a whopping 51 pictures. The next days we will use to get the video ready, since it's more than 7GB in raw data we will have to make some editing to get it ready for the web. But now after you have seen the pictures, and are looking forward to the video we want to ask you what you would like us to focus on in the background stories. We have already some ideas but also want to take your suggestions. Do you want us to talk about costs, of these airships, who the companies are that offer the ships, more about the event? What do you like? Leave your ideas in the comments or send us an email with your suggestion. But for now have fun with these great pictures from the 5th airship parade Bad Homburg


george said...

I'd like to know more about costs, of these airships, who the companies are that offer the ships and some technical features such as speed,maximum cruise altitude and weather conditions restraints.

Andreas said...

Thanks for your comment, we will write about this later this month. We are pretty busy right now, that's why there hasn't been an article about costs and features of these airships. But it is coming soon. Stay subscribed and keep on reading. And keep on commenting. We need your feedback.