Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Airship Parade Video - part 3

The airship parade continues, now the competition starts the airships compete in the first airship bowling ever captured on video, at least we think so :-) The hot air airship perform very risky maneuvers and touch the ground a couple of times.

Video Part 3

Also watch parts one and two:

Airship Parade Video - part 1
Airship Parade Video - part 2


Arthur Rowan said...

You are welcome :) Your blog is very interestin indeed.. Airships and blimps are very close to my heart.. And maybe someday I can fly with hot air blimp.. there in Finland we have only regular hot air balloons but I have never seen hot air blimp in here...

(Our blog is finnish but we write about early aviation, retrofuturism and blimps and airships)

Health Nwes said...

I really appreciate the blog since the first time do I saw it. Now they have reached another milestone which lead us to report about it, and I think it's a great new... as the content of the text.