Friday, August 17, 2007

The Airship League

Have you ever thought: "Wouldn't it be cool if more people would be interested in Airships?" If you answered "Yes" then you are like me, if you answered "No" then I guess we have to convince you that it would be cool if more people would be interested. But as a matter of fact Airships are in the minds of people, be it in books or movies. If there is an event, hundreds even thousands of people are coming to an event like the airship parade. But what is keeping airships out of the mainstream. It's that fact that many people do not know what is possible with airships, many think they are gone for good because of the Hindenburg and all that jazz.
But what if there where an organization that would try to a) make airships exciting and b) educate more people about the possibilities and technologies behind airships. And that's where tonights headline starts making sense. The Idea is to create an "Airship League" an open and free (as in beer) organization that helps organizing races and contests around airships, that also hosts educational material about how to construct a remote controlled blimp what to look out for. The Airship League could showcase good successful designs, help educating and connecting children, students, universities, companies and the general public. This is of course some how far fetched and visionary but the idea is to aim high and then see what is realistic. So to gather Ideas we created a page in our Wiki called The Airship League it would be great to get the ideas and the brainstorming going. Please sign up for the Airshipworld Wiki if you haven't done so, yet. We believe that such an organization might help the industry as a whole and get more people interested in airships. Please feel free to add to the Article in the Wiki, add new pages link to existing projects. We believe that just by combining our efforts and joining forces, we can change a lot without having to invest much more than our time that we spend on our own efforts already.


Unknown said...

great to see this work being done just in time. My ideal craft has
transparent skin so that photo- voltaic panels can be oriented toward
the sun (mostly horizontal) and it would carry 40 tons. Its competition
is massive helicopters and our disappearing "ice highways" which are
only a winter phenomena. A solar air craft in the land of the
midnight-sun that doesn't need an airfield? wow! bkbyers

Andreas said...

Thanks for your comment. What you are talking about sounds very interesting. Email us and tell us more about your ideal craft. Also I guess you might be interested in the Airships to the Arctic Symposium