Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The future of the White Dwarf

The White Dwarf a little pedal powered personal blimp, was about to get refilled again last Weekend. During a safety overpressure Test the envelope burst and ruptured over most of it's length. We reported that Reed Gleasons was thinking about a new envelope and we hoped to see the little blimp fly again. But Reed decided now, that the little ship will get donated to a museum. Do you know of one that Reed could donate it to ? Here is what he wrote on the Topica Little Blimps List.
After a day of contemplation, I realized that I should look into donating the WD to a museum.

It was great to be able to fly, and to allow other people to fly, such a unique part of aviation history. However, it was designed to be flown indoors, and we were severely limited as to when and where we could fly it. I felt privileged to have ownership of the WD and obligated to have it out where people could appreciate it, but it was a big money and time sink. And sometimes a little scary.

We could patch the envelope to give it enough strength to be inflated with air and hung in a museum. I could take a tax write off that could offset some or all of the expenses of the last few years, depending on the perceived value of the WD. And a lot more people would be able to see it.

Much thanks to those who replied to my question of where to get a new envelope, but now I have a new question: What museum would like to have the WD, and how do you arrive at value for the WD?
If you have any help to offer Reed Gleason please send us an email we will forward it to him. If a Museum could preserve the White Dwarf for generations to come it would be great. To learn more about the White Dwarf check out our older posts with additional links to the Homepage and pictures.

Urgent News - White Dwarf envelope burst

The White Dwarf - pedal powered personal blimp - will be flying again

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