Sunday, August 5, 2007

YouTube Airship stuff - part 1

Paul Boldt who contributes to the Blog regular with his great Future Flight story just posted a few links to YouTube Videos on the Yahoo Airshiplist and I thought, that I share some of them with you, it's gonna be a multi part post since there quite a few Videos. Also if you have not yet checked out Paul's story, read the already published parts, and keep an eye out for part 4 coming soon:
=FUTURE>FLIGHT - an airship story - Part 1
=FUTURE>FLIGHT - an airship story - Part 2
=FUTURE>FLIGHT - an airship story - Part 3

Now on to the Videos, the first one is a Video of a test Flight of the USS Macon.

Video number two is a CG animated flyby of the USS Akron.

Video three shows the Zeppelin NT starting, notice the zero ground crew during the start and compare that to a start of the Goodyear blimp. This video really showcases the Zeppelins manoeuvrability.

The fourth Video is a collection of clips of the Zeppelin Hindenburg flying over Manhattan, let's all hope we will see this happen soon with a new cross Atlantic passenger Airship line.

The fifth and last video for this post is a clip of what I think is a Skyship 600 on it's mast.
So stay tuned for even more videos later tonight, and tomorrow, there is some interesting stuff coming up, a new remote controlled blimp, a unmanned airship built for the US Army and even a blimp from Columbia. Thanks again to Paul Boldt for starting this.

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