Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Aeroscraft ML866 to be introduced at the NBAA Convention

Worldwide Aeros issued a press release today about the official announcement of their new Aeroscraft ML866, which is a downsized version of the original Aeroscraft design. The official introduction of the new development program will take place at the NBAA Convention in September 2007
This is the Specification as found on the website:
Maximum Speed155 mph250 kmh
Cruise Speed0-120 mph0-193 kph
Operating Altitude0-12,000 ft0-3,657 m
Maximum Range3,100 mi5,000 km
Overall Length210 ft64 m
Overall Width95.1 ft29 m
Overall Height44.9 ft13.7 m
Floor Area5,382 ft²500 m²
According to older press releases the aeroscraft was supposed to be 850-foot-long which is about 4 times bigger than the now presented version. Also read our previous post about the Aeroscraft giving more details on the size of the airship. The smaller version could of course be because the original Aeroscraft design was for the DARPA walrus program. The now proposed design is about the size of a Zeppelin NT which is 75m long but only 19m wide. This size of airship is quite well established, since the Skyship and others are also around the same size, allowing the use of normal hangars at normal airports, instead of having to build huge Hangars like Cargolifter did. Check out our Photo Gallery which contains additional pictures of the Aeroscraft, both the Walrus design and the current one, notice the differences in propulsion systems.
This is the full text of the press release:
Today Worldwide Aeros Corp. officially confirmed participation at the NBAA 60th Annual Meeting & Convention, September 25-27, 2007 in Atlanta, GA. The National Business Aviation Association, Inc. (NBAA) is the leading organization for companies that rely on general aviation aircraft to help make their businesses more efficient, productive and successful. During the event Aeros will make an official announcement for the launch of the Aeroscraft ML866 program.

The Aeroscraft is a new paradigm in air transport, an aircraft that utilizes a combination of buoyant and dynamic lift creating unique operational capabilities beyond what is available from any other air platform today.

The Aeroscraft is designed and built on the basis of a new concept in flight. The remarkable idea grew out of the belief that there is a more comfortable way to fly than simply applying luxury to an existing airframe and re-naming it.

The versatility of the Aeroscraft allows it to be transformed from elegant to a workhorse or anywhere in between. It can be utilized as a private air yacht, corporate air vehicle or commercial commuter, providing its passengers with far more space than any existing business jet.

Aeros VP Fred Edworthy said “We are coming to the NBAA show because we have reached a level where we can solicit an input from the customer community to ensure the Aeroscraft will change the way executives travel and do business outside of the office.” He added, “One of the offered Aeroscraft ML866 configurations is the Business Office in the Sky. Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology package, the Aeroscraft ML866 becomes a high-tech airborne business center. Business amenities include a computerized office, videoconferencing capability, communications package, and a conference room that while on the ground will accommodate up to one hundred people, transformable interior and personal state room. Independence from large or medium airports will keep travelers away from clogged airports and congested highways, and getting the passengers underway quicker. Additionally, the helicopter like vertical takeoff and landing capability and ability to operate from unprepared fields enhances usefulness of the Aeroscraft by providing the access to remote areas anywhere in the world.”

The Aeroscraft ML866 offers 120 knots top speed and over 5,000 square feet of interior compartment. The company officials said that the Aeroscraft would offer a new level of service and provide an ultimate comfort to satisfy business travel needs of the top notch executives.

At the NBAA Convention Worldwide Aeros Corp. will be located at the booth number 7359.

For more information please visit Aeros website

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