Thursday, August 9, 2007

Aeroscraft ML866 just a hoax ?

From well informed circles we heard that Worldwide Aeros might not have much more than a few renderings and power point presentations of the yesterday announced Aeroscraft ML866 and that the real thing is right now only existing on paper and in the heads of it's designers. Reading the press release one could think that Aeros will use the conference just to announce the Program and take prospective customer input, and not really will have anything production ready.
During the event Aeros will make an official announcement for the launch of the Aeroscraft ML866 program.
We also do not know of any prototypes of the Aeroscraft ML866 so far. Other sources in the community even go as far as calling the Aeroscraft a hoax. It's speculated that the flight performance of the Aeros 40D Sky Dragon, their FAA certified Blimp, is sub par, meaning that those who own such a ship fly it only very few hours, and are more or less ashamed to have bought it. Since we can neither confirm nor deny these claims, we are further investigating it by contacting Worldwide Aeros directly and we hope to get more informations on the Aeroscraft ML866 soon. To make sure that you get the latest updates on the Aeroscraft, subscribe to our feed with your feed reader or if you like subscribe via Email and have updates delivered directly to your home.


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