Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Airships topic of the week at EcoGeek

This week EcoGeek has Ron Hochstetler in a interview about Airships and how they could solve many problems with todays airtravel and transport, how they can become the most fuel efficient aircraft ever built and even more. Read the interview at the EcoGeek Blog.
Here is a little teaser:
... The airship has some very unique qualities that enable it to probably be the most fuel efficient (and environmentally friendly) air transport system possible. The large surface area of the airship causes the high aerodynamic drag that limits its airspeed, but that surface area can be used to carry thousands of square feet of solar cells to provide electric power for the ship’s propulsive needs. The non-flammable helium inside the ship also provides a perfect environment in which to store hydrogen fuel containers that can provide hydrogen not as a lifting gas (as was used in the Hindenburg) but as a fuel for either a fuel cell propulsion system or simply to burn in conventional internal combustion propulsion engines. These technologies could be used to produce “zero emissions” transport airships with the ability to carry hundreds of tons of cargo or people over distances of hundreds or even thousands of miles. ...

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