Thursday, July 19, 2007

Russian Air Force testing airships and the Navy MZ3A

According to an Interfax AVN Article posted by Jim Smith onto the Airship-list:
The Russian Air Force is exploring the ways of using airships for military purposes.
Unfortunately we do not have access to the Interfax source, so we refere to an article available on the Russia Info Center which is publicly available. According to the article the Aeronautial testing center hosts and operates the airships "Aerostatika-01" and "Aerostatika-02" and has trained over 10 pilots already. So it looks like Russia is actually investing in airships where as the Navy just took the MZ3A almost out of service. It could be seen at the Fleet Week at the end of May but that was already one of the last scheduled flights. Currently the MZ3A is still stationed in Lakehurst. It was supposed to go out of the official service by June 1st 2007 and remain under "pressure watch". Mid July the Airship still awaited it's deflation, until rumours surfaced that flight activities will be resumed in the late summer and early fall. So the hope remains that this is not the end of the Navy Airship programm. These informations come from Rick Zitarosa who continues to write great articles as emails to the Colorado Airship-list unfortunately he did not give us any permission to publish his articles, since there is no archive available those emails are lost in the Email Boxes of the subscribers, never found by Google or anyone researching airships. If you want to catch some of Ricks amazing articles, please sign up to the Colorado Airship-list one of the longest running Mailing lists, about and around Airships and LTA Technology. In parallel we try to contact John Dziadecki, and try to get an archive for the list up and running, so that we can link to the great articles and content available on the list, which should be preserved and not lost.


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